StyleBlazer Exclusive: ‘The Face’ Winner Devyn Clears Up “I’m Not A Black Girl Model” Comment, Hopes To Inspire All Women

  • Wepo1

    Black women need to lay off this woman!

    • vanessa

      And You need to shut the faaqkup

  • ijs

    …..yeah i dnt feel it sorry to late for me. the words “i dont consider myself a black model” is different from “i dnt put myself into a catagory of race.” ijs thats just my opinion

  • roughcutdiamond

    Devyn is back tracking now, she shouldn’t have won. Her wack explanation is too late.

  • Seiko

    She didn’t mean it like that! I don’t consider her a Black model either! I consider her to be a MODEL who just so happens to be black

    • Holly Grove

      She got so much backlash not because she simply said she doesn’t consider herself a black model, it was her explanation as to why.She could’ve said “I don’t consider myself a black model because I don’t want to put myself in a box.” INSTEAD, she said, “I don’t consider myself a black model BECAUSE I’M FAIR-SKINNED SO I HAVE AN INTERNATIONAL LOOK.”

      • Seiko

        But people wanting to jump on her because they took what she said out of context was just dead wrong. Its clear that she is not AS well spoken as other models

        • Holly Grove

          What she said was not taken out of context because she shouldn’t have mentioned being “fair-skinned” (which she isn’t) in the same breath. She was basically saying “I’m light skinned so I don’t fit into the mold of being a “black” model.”

        • ItMustBeJelly

          I very clearly understood the context of what she said. I think unfortunately she didn’t understand the context. I hope she learns to think before she speaks next time.

      • Francena McGirt


  • Sue

    Who cares if she is black, white, whatever ! My thing is, I try to go out of my way to support black women. Therefor when she come forward stating she isn’t black its like alrighty then. Let me find another sister ( who most likely need the support) to throw my support behind…….NEXT ! I try to support my own the same as others do ! Sarah & Linsey dont need my support. Besides Sarah & linsey are every which way you turn….so when I try to do my part supporting black faces, helping inspire other black faces. Dont come with that im not a black woman. If thats the case it defeats the purpose of my intentions ( supporting bw) dont get mad when we fall back !

    • Francena McGirt

      I completely agree.

  • Honesty

    I’m not impressed.

  • Isatta Hadiyah

    I really don’t understand why people were so up in arms about the comment. Like, relax.

  • tracy

    There are MUCH prettier black women, she is like Chanel Iman to me (the other black model) just OKAY

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