Punk & Ivy Clothing Label Creates A Moving Form of Business

Punk & Ivy Clothing Label Creates A Moving Form of Business (Genius Fashion!)

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If fashion is anything, it’s inventive and always expanding. Which is why it makes perfect sense for South African design duo, Bianca Miles and Khaya Bhubesii Sibiya (above styling) to take Punk & Ivy on the road.

The twosome are planning to travel in a “mobile boutique,” (affectionately called the Punk & Ivy Motique) around different parts of Johannesburg to expand their brand, while selling their bespoke pieces. Known for vibrant prints and mixed textiles, the young brand is a clear indicator of the direction of African menswear in the vibrant city. Sibiya told iFashion Africa, “The motique will also allow us to host events that merge fashion with music – key to our inspiration and the pulse of Mzansi’s urban youth space right now.”



Featuring 350 pieces from Punk & Ivy and local labels–Missshape, Babatunde and Urban Mosadi– the Dodge motor-home will be a unique launching pad for all these emerging designers.

While the “tour” starts in June, fans abroad can look forward to their website launch in April.


-Danielle Kwateng