Blazin’ Or Blasé: Ciara In Givenchy Menswear Top

  • What the Hell

    Jesus of Nazareth help her..

  • xedos

    if she want to wear men clothes take notes fronm Rihanna her 777 tour most of her clothes were for men

  • kickash

    if she had worn like a crop top or something she would’ve looked so good. Ciara has a nice body why hide it.

  • jambanutz

    What theee Fack!! I mean, WTF!! Da facking Fack!!! Even Samurais dress better than this!

  • sarah

    she is so beautiful. stunner heels and mad big jewelry would have glammed this outfit up a lot. i just ove her

  • JessMaria

    She is simply dressing like the man she was born as. A tacky man though. Money can’t buy style.

  • Natasha T

    Looks like Future gave her some god shish and alcohal before she picked this mess to wear!

  • toni

    She’s slowly coming out of the closet

  • SUN

    I think she looks cute

  • joan

    I just love her because she is so talented, beautiful and such a great role model for all young ladies.

  • applaud true talent!

    Y do ppl talk about her but let someone talk about beyonce or rihanna and then ppl would get mad.. smh just say that u do not like the outfit!!!! Uhh smh. I don’t.

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