Blazin’ Or Blasé: Ciara In Givenchy Menswear Top

Haze nightclub welcomes CiaraPhoto: Judy Eddy/WENN

We’re gonna be frank with this look. We hate it.

There’s no reason Ciara should be wearing menswear from Givenchy, when his Fall 2013 womenswear collection was so edgy and versatile. But over and over again, the singer insists on wearing pieces for men, that are ill-fitting.

Haze nightclub welcomes CiaraPhoto: Judy Eddy/WENN


This top in particular was from Givenchy’s Spring 2013 menswear collection. She paired it with a white asymmetrical skirt, white leggings and white kicks. She looks like a boxy orderly at a hospital. Do us a favor and give this piece to your boyfriend! We’d like to know your thoughts..


Blazin’ Or Blasé?


-Danielle Kwateng

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  1. says:

    Jesus of Nazareth help her..

  2. says:

    if she want to wear men clothes take notes fronm Rihanna her 777 tour most of her clothes were for men

  3. says:

    if she had worn like a crop top or something she would’ve looked so good. Ciara has a nice body why hide it.

  4. says:

    What theee Fack!! I mean, WTF!! Da facking Fack!!! Even Samurais dress better than this!

  5. says:

    she is so beautiful. stunner heels and mad big jewelry would have glammed this outfit up a lot. i just ove her

  6. says:

    She is simply dressing like the man she was born as. A tacky man though. Money can’t buy style.

  7. says:

    Looks like Future gave her some god shish and alcohal before she picked this mess to wear!

  8. says:

    She’s slowly coming out of the closet

  9. says:

    I think she looks cute

  10. says:

    I just love her because she is so talented, beautiful and such a great role model for all young ladies.

  11. says:

    Y do ppl talk about her but let someone talk about beyonce or rihanna and then ppl would get mad.. smh just say that u do not like the outfit!!!! Uhh smh. I don’t.

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