Smooth C Breezy: Chris Brown Channels 'Bad' Era Michael Jackson In "Fine China" Video

Smooth C Breezy: Chris Brown Channels ‘Bad’ Era Michael Jackson In “Fine China” Video


Who’s bad? Chris Brown has been in the news for everything but his amazing talent, but a gem like this one keeps him from being 100% tabloid fodder. Outside of the bad behavior and the break ups to make ups with his Bonnie Rih Rih, sometimes it’s easy to forget the man can really shine when he gets to business.

Chris wields that talent something heavy in his latest clip, “Fine China.” Not only does he break out his idol Michael Jackson’s trademark falsetto, he also busts “Smooth Criminal” moves that he looks like he’s been doing so long that he can replicate in his sleep. He’s dapper in suspenders and a Kangol, and even rocks a glove like MJ.

Aside from Breezy’s bow tie, the clip is giving us serious “Annie, are you ok?” vibes, and we aren’t mad in the slightest!

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 Check out Chris Brown’s “Fine China” clip below, and then remember the time MJ dominated with “Smooth Criminal.”

Michael Jackson- “Smooth Criminal”


StyleBlazers, are you feelin’ Chris Brown’s latest?


-Jada Gomez-Lacayo

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