Celeb Couples Who Caught Us Off Guard With Their Unlikely Relationships

15 New Celebrity Couples,Newlyweds, and Blossoming Loves Who Caught Us All The Way Off Guard! Trust Us You’ll Be Surprised!

Celebrities always make quite the splash when the public finds out they have decided to couple up! Seriously, can’t these people just date some ordinary Joe (or Joan) off the street? As lovely as that sounds, the truth of the matter is most celebs hook up because well, they can understand each other’s lifestyles a little better than those living ordinary. Some of these older celeb couples have it in the bag, while others are just beginning to let their love bloom publicly for the paparazzi to capture! Check out which celebs are either newly hooking up, have re-united, or just jumped the broom!

Ray J. & Teairra Marie RAY J. TEAIRRA WENN


Yes you read it right. Ray J. & Teairra Mari are dating, and possibly engaged! Although, this isn’t Ray J. and Mari’s first run-ins with one another. The two were once an item when Mari was signed to Roc Nation (ages ago we know) and seem to be rekindling the flame. Talk about the unexpected!

Future & Ciara


Ciara and Future have been flaunting their undying chemistry in our faces for a couple of months now, and the duo seems to be happier than ever. Future has gone on record multiple times to express his feelings for Ciara, saying things like, “We are at a time where, I am on Epic, she’s on Epic, I love music, she loves music. And we love being in the studio with each other. We love being around each other and that’s just what it is. The chemistry is there. It’s amazing. She makes me happy, I make her smile.” Aww so sweet!



If you were wondering who was in the running for having the next cutest celebrity baby, then I guess you found your pair here! Alright, so Eva isn’t actually pregnant, but we can dream! Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have made it official and if all the pictures weren’t enough, then Gosling’s actions have been speaking a lot louder than his words lately. During a movie premiere most recently, Gosling decided to confront a photographer who called Mendes “baby” to get her attention. Ryan got in his face yelling, but the screaming match was eventually broken up by Eva. Knight and shining armor much?

Hayden Panettiere & Wladimir KlitschkoHAYDEN KLITSCHKO WENN


Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko have been around the dating block before with one another, but it seems they aren’t getting off the ride anytime soon. The actress and Ukrianian boxer appear happier than ever, having decided to try just one more time although Hayden has only been detached from her ex-boyfriend of a year and a half, Scott McKnight, since December.

Janet Jackson & Wissam Al ManaJANET WISSAM WENN


Janet Jackson and her billionaire husband Wissam Al Mana decided to tie the knot sometime last year, but no one knows how long the two have been married since it was kept quite hush hush! Jackson did say the two had a very private and quiet wedding with their wedding gifts to one another being, “contributions to our respective favorite children’s charities.” Don’t worry if you see pictures of Janet without her wedding ring, sources say she keeps it locked up because she is afraid it will get lost.



Yes, Jennifer Lopez has decided to take on another relationship, despite the half million others that haven’t seemed to work in her favor. This time, though, Jennifer has love found love with Casper Smart, a 25-year-old actor, dancer and choreographer. Talk about a mid-life crisis?  The two have even been in talks of wedding bells, with rumors exploding that J.Lo may not make Smart sign a prenup.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye WestKIMYE WENN


When the news surfaced that Kim was dating Yezzy, the press exploded with headlines that had most of us shocked and in utter disbelief.   Seriously, the chick wasn’t even divorced from her reality star boo Kris Humphries before deciding to dabble with Kanye. As if that wasn’t enough, Kim is now pregnant with the rap mogul’s first child. Talk about change! Regardless of how you feel for the pair’s relationship, Kimye seem to be doing just fine, with Kanye even making a couple of cameos on Kim’s hit reality series.

Kylie Jenner & Jaden SmithKYLIE JADEN WENN


In true Kardashian family style, one family member can’t be mentioned without another one showing up somewhere in our list. It’s only right! Kylie Jenner, little sister of Kim Kardashian, has been seen in multiple photos with Jaden Smith, son of mega actor Will Smith. Could there be a little puppy love brewing?

Mila Kunis & Ashton KutcherMILEY ASHTON WENN


These hotties have always had that thing for one another on the hit television series, “That 70’s Show,” but these two are no longer acting out any roles! This thing is serious. Kunis and Kutcher (how cute, even their last names sound cute together) are officially an item. Didn’t it take them longer than we thought? After that whole thing with Demi Moore, Kutcher took a break and decided to find someone a little more his speed, or at the very least, in his age range.

Katy Perry & John Mayer PERRY MAYER WENN


Katy Perry may have a lot of people supporting her musically, but when it comes to her personal life some fans are expressing their disapproval. Perry’s new love interest, John Mayer, isn’t the most favorable choice for the singer with rumors already surfacing that the two are heading for a split as we type!

Tiger Woods & Lindsey VonnWOODS VON WENN


Tiger Woods has a new boo, and as of late, hasn’t been afraid to express it to paparazzi, press, news room or practically anyone that asks him! (Gosh, poor Elin. We wouldn’t be too worried about her though since she has that $110 million dollar divorce settlement to keep her warm at night.) Seems he’s screaming his love for new girlfriend Lindsey Vonn from the rooftops with pictures of the two together at various locations. Vonn has even been a good sport about their new relationship lately, when asked what she does in her spare time, she replied, “OK, guys, I play golf, OK?” Quite the jokester you got there Tiger!

Michael Jordan & Yvette PrietoMICHAEL JORDAN YVETTE WENN


Michael Jordan has only added another reason to his list of why everyone wants to be like Mike when they grow up! His finance’ Yvette Prieto is rather easy on the eyes! Although Jordan and Prieto have been together for quite a while, the two have finally decided to take it to the next level, with Jordan applying for a marriage license earlier this month and scheduled to marry April 27th!

Britney Spears & David LucadoSPEARS LUCADO WENN


Britney has finally decided to move past that whole thing with Kevin Federline and her shaved head (definitely not one of her shining moments) to start fresh with her new boo thing, David Lucado. Lucado has been described by sources as a nice southern boy from Virginia with obvious affection for Britney. The two seem to be inseparable. Aw, we are happy for you Brit!



People were shocked late last year when Rihanna decided to give Chris Brown another chance! Rihanna told fans and it was “her decision” and before we knew it, the two were photographed doing everything from leaving basketball games to posing for Instagram looking high together as kites. The lovebirds have already gone through their on -again, off-again routine since deciding to give it one more try, but this week they seem to be doing better than ever!

  • Laura Carter

    Ciara has to be the tackiest female of all times…ijs

    • Britney Robinson

      ? wtf? The use of the word tacky is tacky.

      • Laura Carter

        Britney REALLY? ?wtf?is tacky in itself!
        This is a blog not a English Literature Paper Girlie, get off the soap box!

      • Laura Carter

        I take it you’re a Ciara fan. LMAO!

        • Britney Robinson

          Not really. I could care less about her. I’m just trying to think how she is tacky, and tacky is a over used word, that people use to talk about everything and anything now days. Wedding are tacky, having a nice car is tacky, tacky, tacky, tacky, I’m sick of the word!

          • Laura Carter

            Oh so you were venting and I gave the platform…..cool:)

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            Not a problem…..now your my new bestie:) on here! LOL!!!! Have a great day!!!

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Ray J is one of the most superficial dudes in that whole scene
    I used to like him, but now not so much. I can’t stand him or his
    boring sister. They think they’re all that!

  • iReezy

    That is one of the worst pictures ever of Ciara and Future! They usually look better together.

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