15 New Celebrity Couples,Newlyweds, and Blossoming Loves Who Caught Us All The Way Off Guard! Trust Us You’ll Be Surprised!

Celebrities always make quite the splash when the public finds out they have decided to couple up! Seriously, can’t these people just date some ordinary Joe (or Joan) off the street? As lovely as that sounds, the truth of the matter is most celebs hook up because well, they can understand each other’s lifestyles a little better than those living ordinary. Some of these older celeb couples have it in the bag, while others are just beginning to let their love bloom publicly for the paparazzi to capture! Check out which celebs are either newly hooking up, have re-united, or just jumped the broom!

Ray J. & Teairra Marie RAY J. TEAIRRA WENN


Yes you read it right. Ray J. & Teairra Mari are dating, and possibly engaged! Although, this isn’t Ray J. and Mari’s first run-ins with one another. The two were once an item when Mari was signed to Roc Nation (ages ago we know) and seem to be rekindling the flame. Talk about the unexpected!


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  • Laura Carter

    Ciara has to be the tackiest female of all times…ijs

    • Britney Robinson

      ? wtf? The use of the word tacky is tacky.

      • Laura Carter

        Britney REALLY? ?wtf?is tacky in itself!
        This is a blog not a English Literature Paper Girlie, get off the soap box!

      • Laura Carter

        I take it you’re a Ciara fan. LMAO!

        • Britney Robinson

          Not really. I could care less about her. I’m just trying to think how she is tacky, and tacky is a over used word, that people use to talk about everything and anything now days. Wedding are tacky, having a nice car is tacky, tacky, tacky, tacky, I’m sick of the word!

          • Laura Carter

            Oh so you were venting and I gave the platform…..cool:)

          • Britney Robinson

            Yeah kind of. Sorry I’m just tired of seeing that word.

          • Laura Carter

            Not a problem…..now your my new bestie:) on here! LOL!!!! Have a great day!!!

  • atlasshrugged2u

    Ray J is one of the most superficial dudes in that whole scene
    I used to like him, but now not so much. I can’t stand him or his
    boring sister. They think they’re all that!

  • iReezy

    That is one of the worst pictures ever of Ciara and Future! They usually look better together.