Zoë Saldana Talks Nina Simone, Her 'Meltdown' And More For 'Latina'

Zoë Saldana Talks Nina Simone, Men And More For ‘Latina’



Get used to seeing Zoë Saldana everywhere as the actress has two major roles coming to theaters soon.

The “Avatar” actress talked to Latina magazine about her controversial role as Nina Simone in the new biopic and highly anticipated, “Star Trek Into Darkness” movie for their May issue. We love how frank the Queens-native stays about her past, career obstacles and personal life.




We also love the bright, retro feel of the spread, where prints were embraced.

On wanting a man: “I don’t want to need things. I need water, you know what I’m saying? I need to exercise, I need to eat. To be with a man, should be a want. I don’t need anybody.”

On growing up as a Domincan-American: “I grew up in Queens and the Dominican Republic. It wasn’t easy, s*** was going on. But the kind of world that we had indoors, that my mom created for us, makes more sense to this day than what is out there. I would come home from school and go, ‘Mami, what am I? You know, cause I’m getting all kinds of things and people are mean.’ And Mami would look at me and go, ‘You’re Zoe.’”

On the Nina Simone controversy: “The reality is that nobody knows the story as to why this collaboration came to be—nobody knows the full story—and at the end of the day all I’m going to say is that every person that is a part of this project came together for no other reason than the unconditional love for Nina Simone’s music…”

The full issue hits stand on April 9, make sure to grab it!


-Danielle Kwateng
Photos: Yu Tsai/Latina Magazine