The 15 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Stage Falls

Stumbles, Tumbles, Slips and Dives: The 15 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Stage Falls

Celebrities are known to inspire envy. The glitz, the glamor, the money, the fame! Sometimes we can’t help but wish we were one of them…that is, until we see them fall on their faces in front of millions of people, literally. In those cases we can’t help but be glad we’re not in their unlucky shoes because boy is that embarrassing!

Kick back, relax and (secretly) enjoy this list of the 15 most embarrassing celebrity stage falls.


Alicia Keys

Monster CES Party at the Paris Ballroom, Las Vegas

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The Fall: A pregnant Alicia Keys wobbled like a weeble then took a tumble backwards while singing at the Essence Music Festival in 2010. It’s expected that balance would be a hard thing to keep carrying such a heavy load on the front end, but we’re guessing that’s not exactly what Keys meant when she sang “Fallin.'”

Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera concert 261008 wenn pf

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The Fall: Nothing says “big finish” like stumbling in your stilettos and falling forward after a performance. Christina Aguilera knows all about it. The powerhouse singer fell on stage after delivering the closing notes in an Aretha Franklin tribute at the 2011 Grammys. It was media fodder thereafter but probably wouldn’t have been so bad had Aguilera not flubbed up the lyrics to the National Anthem at the Superbowl just one week earlier.

 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey PF WENN

Photo: WENN

The Fall: We have to admit this one gave us a a bit of  chuckle. While trying to hype the crowd by doing an overhead clap, mega-diva Mariah Carey took a spill onstage during a Singapore show. Her backup dancers rushed to her aid, and in true Mariah Carey style, the singer continued with the show, giving instructions to her entourage, saying: “Someone come out here and take these shoes off.” An assistant then ran onto the stage and removed the shoes just before the song was over.

 Musiq Soulchild

musiq soulchild 050707

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The Fall: The smooth Musiq Soulchild was so busy grooving to his song and getting the crowd hyped that he literally danced right off the stage during  a Madison Square Garden show in 2011. Talk about feeling the music!


g x factor the results 031212 wenn pf

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The Fall: Pink’s performance acrobatics took a turn for the worst during a Nuremberg concert in 2010 when bungee wires that were intended to catapult her over the audience and snap her back on stage malfunctioned and sent her hurdling into the front row barricade, torso first. The singer, who looked to be in a lot of pain, was rushed to a German ambulance where she tweeted: “I am embarrassed and very sorry. I’m in ambulance now but I will b fine.”



Rihanna performing live during her 777 tour at E-Werk WENN PF

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The Fall: Rihanna brought new meaning to her song “man down” when she somehow tripped over her feet while performing during a show in Edmonton, Canada for her Loud Tour. The Bajan bad girl was singing “What’s My Name” when she fell to her knees. She got up and continued to sing, but there must have been some bad luck in Canada because she suffered another stage fall at a Toronto show later that week.




 Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams WENN PF

 Photo: WENN

The Fall: British singer Robbie Williams wiped out on stage while doing a little jig during his performance at the Leeds Festival back in 2006. The former boy bander tried to look as smooth as possible by laying down on stage to sing but the damage was already done. He then went on to discuss his fall from the floor for the remainder of the song, saying “That’s a bit embarrassing. That will teach me for being cocky,” calling himself a “tw–,” and joking that it was a good thing the song wasn’t being broadcast to 3 million people, which, of course, it was.


 Shania Twain

Shania Twain WENN PF

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The Fall: Country music queen Shania Twain took a narsty spill while making her entrance to the stage at the Country Music Television Awards in June 2011. Upon reaching the stage she joked, “I don’t need a stunt double.” She might not have needed a stunt double but TMZ  humorously speculated that the fall was a publicity stunt to sell tickets to her upcoming concert.



 Lady Gaga


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The Fall: Lady Gaga’s antics are usually amusing in their ridiculousness, and this unplanned stage blooper is no different. The singer took a tumble from her piano in the most chuckle-inducing fashion, and ended up singing on her back with her legs in the air at a Houston show.


Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas WENN PF

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The Fall: Nothing says “smooth” like tripping onto the stage during your cool entrance. During a performance of their song “S.O.S.” for the American Music Awards in 2008, each of the Jonas Brothers was supposed to step through a large glass window that had shattered in front of them to reveal their presence. It was a success…for Nick and Kevin, but Joe Jonas– who was in the center– tripped over his window frame, and slid towards the mic on his knees with his hand landing in broken glass. That’s gotta hurt!



Beyonce Performs at Revel

            Photo: WENN

The Fall: In 2007, Queen B literally fell from her proverbial throne during a concert in Orlando. The usually-flawless performer lost her footing on a rather daunting staircase and tumbled her way down to the stage. After getting up and dancing it off, Beyonce jokingly asked the audience not to post it on Youtube. It’s a good thing they didn’t, ’cause then it might have ended up on every news station in the country and in a silly slideshow about the most embarrassing celebrity stage falls…


Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

The Fall: If you thought Beyonce was the only member of Destiny’s Child to take some embarrassing stage dives, then you are sorely mistaken and in for a laugh. Always the most awkward of the group, Michelle Williams certainly didn’t help that persona when she suddenly fell while walking towards the audience in Destiny’s Child 106th and Park performance in 2004. Williams could be seen wobbling in her heels just before hitting the ground in a rather comedic fashion. Beyonce and Kelly didn’t bat an eye or miss a beat.


Steven Tyler

aerosmith 280612

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The Fall: Aerosmith front-man Steven Tyler is no stranger to biting it. In August 2009, the elderly rocker spent himself dizzy and fell off the stage. A year later, in August 2010, after giving band-mate Joe Perry a little bump onstage, Perry returned the gesture and accidentally bumped Tyler right off the stage.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift PF WENN

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The Fall: At a May 2010 concert, Taylor Swift looked a bit like a drunk party girl as she descended a staircase and then danced around wildly onstage before hitting the floor, getting up, and continuing to dance.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry Echo WENN pf

Photo: WENN

The Fall: After diving into a cake and getting frosting all over herself while performing “I Kissed a Girl” at the MTV Latin Music Awards in 2008, Katy Perry slipped on the frosting and hit the stage floor. The quirky singer attempted to get up and exit the stage only to slip and fall not two but three more times! She eventually relented and scooted off stage on her knees.



  • Leah

    Beyonce’s fall is still funny lol she got up so quick man!. Mariah’s fall was just so divaish lol Michelle williams fall was just so embarrassing =(

  • Thisis me

    That beyonce fall is hilarious and sealed the deal with me. I’m not paying to go see someone twirl their weave around on stage.

  • NeaJ

    Michelle’s fall was epic. Lol. To me it always looked like she fell through a trap door!

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