Zara Accused Of Inhumane Work Factories (Will You Stop Shopping?)



CNN Español  reports that Zara, along with two other Argentina-based companies, are being cited for inhumane working conditions.

The is the second time in two years that the billion-dollar company has come under scrutiny for the treatment of its factory employees. The report allegedly finds Zara using factories previously closed by Argentina’s government due to severe hygiene and safety concerns.

Issues run the gamut from undocumented immigrants working late hours to children being employed and unsafe working conditions. “Men and children who lived in the place where they worked… they were not registered and they were living in terrible conditions,” Juan Gomez Centurion, head of Argentina’s Government Control Agency to the DailyMail. “They had no official documents and were held against their will, they were not allowed to leave their workplaces without permission.”

In August of 2011, after paying $530K in fines for “slave-like” conditions in their Brazil factories, Zara promised to rightfully compensate their workers and clean up their shops. Looks like they may have been struggling to do this.. What is for sure is that Zara owner, Amancio Ortega topped Forbe’s most recent list of the world’s most successful billionaires.

Do we smell irony?


Would you stop shopping at a retailer accused of unfair labor practices?


-Danielle Kwateng

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