Get Coachella Pretty: 5 Natural Hair Tips From Solange's Hairstylist, Chuck Amos

5 Natural Hair Tips From Solange’s Hairstylist, Chuck Amos For Festival Season

Photo By: Kenya Smith


Solange Knowles and Tracee Ellis Ross are two gorgeous women with one thing in common– Chuck Amos. The celebrity hairstylist is close to both ladies, having worked in the industry for years. Signed to Jump Management, he’s definitely the first person we thought about when looking for Coachella hair advice.

Let’s be honest, having natural curls is hard work and keeping them looking good during the spring/summer months can be extra challenging. Amos has a few suggestions to maintain moisture, keep your color-treated hair bright, and your weave tight.

Peep his advice below.

Avoid frizzing with cream and oils: “Cream to penetrate into the hair and give it its nutrients and moisture, and an oil that will lay on top and protect the hair from the harsh elements of the day.”

Let your curls relax: “Solange has such great natural hair and she takes very good care of it! She travels so much that she has a few key things she does, like wrapping her hair in a silk scarf. She also keeps it braided down and uses various products according to the climate. Carol’s Daughter makes a lot of great moisture whips, greases and putties that she uses on and off.”

Check the fabrics you’re wearing to avoid breakage: “If you choose to wear cotton blouses, or other fabrics that are not silk or satin, don’t lay your hair on your shoulders during summer days. Why? Clothing will absorb all of your hair’s moisture and cause the sun to break the ends of your hair. Updos and ponytails are crucial for this. Another technique to prevent hair from breaking is to use products with UV protection and sunscreen to protect from damaging rays.”

Avoid chlorine-filled pools to maintain you color-treated hair: “Swimming in chlorine and bleached-filled pools– especially during the daytime– will fade your hair color. Again, this is where UV protection and sunscreen come in. And when washing hair during summer months, it is best to just rinse with water and not use shampoo, to prevent dulling that gorgeous color. A small amount of conditioner is fine.”

And for those of you rockin’ a weave: “Avoid matted hair by using less tracks at the nape of your neck when weaving. You can also thin out your wefts with thinning shears. Worse come worse, updos and ponytails are quick solutions.”


  • Britt

    Why would I take hair tips from a man that has his main client going out on the daily with a ratty & natty bird’s nest on her head. He’s supposed to be Solange’s hairstylist, but her hair be looking like crap! I’ll pass on that advice…..i rather learn from watching YouTube videos

    • more

      0_0 jeez lol

    • RUD3_GAL_N3N3

      That ratty natty nest as you put it is Solo’s hair how God made it. Majority of us folks from African decent are not born with a pack of Indian Remy flowing out of our scalps. We have hair that is kinky, coily and beautiful in its own right. The mentality that we have to alter out hair from its natural state is what’s leaving us edgeless and bald. I respect women who wear there hair however they choose I see beauty in hair extensions and perms but I also see a regal beauty in natural hair.

      • Chandra Grace

        Amen sister. It took me years to realize what my fiancee has told me since she met me a decade ago- that my hair is beautiful and that sistas need to know we can rock our locks!

      • UrbnStateofMind

        Hand clap* Sheezus it is amazing how many women hate their natural God given hair.

  • more

    As dry as natural hair can be i refuse to believe light oils TRULY moisturize for more than a day 0_0 im 4c sister

    • Chandra Grace

      I don’t think they do. I use garnier marvelous oil with damage eraser serum only after showering. Every other time it’s a prepackaged olive oil cream blend…

    • Ariel

      I agree. I used to use pure oils to try and seal in moisture but it wasn’t working. I have 4c hair too and the oils would sit on my strands, giving it the oily sensation but my hair still had a dry texture. I had to add shea butter to my regimen and eventually, I started mixing butters and using a spray bottle with water and oils in it. Much better.

  • Kandy

    There is nothing wrong with Solange’s hair. Stupid black people have been brainwashed into thinking that their own hair is ugly. Enlighten yourselves and stop worshiping White people…and stop trying to conform to a White standard of beauty.