Hollywood Career Killers: 15 Movies That Helped Do Away With Major Tinseltown Players

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Most Hollywood players take a few blows from time to time. After all, not every movie is destined to be a hit or a critical darling. Despite good intentions, some movies just turn out terrible. Still, film is a collaborative medium and the quality of the movie usually doesn’t fall on the shoulders of one individual alone… usually. There are some exceptions to this rule, a handful of films that were so poorly received that they effectively stalled the careers of one or more individuals involved. Hollywood is a land rife with comeback stories, but don’t expect to find many on this list– here are 15 disastrous movies that wound up killing entire careers.


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Gigli was both a box office bomb and a publicist’s nightmare. The film coasted on the tabloid romance of stars Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck—or Bennifer, as they’d be dubbed—so it should have at least gotten some attention for the couple’s chemistry. It did, but not in a good way. The film, originally intended as a black comedy, was slowly molded by the studio who made into a romantic comedy about a thug (Affleck) who falls for a tough lesbian (Lopez). Somewhere in the story of their romance is a mentally handicapped man they have kidnapped, a mobster trying to get out of jail (Al Pacino), and a detective who delivers a monologue about pie (Christopher Walken). The actors all survived the film, but director Martin Brest (who previously helmed hits like Beverly Hills Cop) has never worked in features again.


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  1. says:

    Don’t blame a movie for Lohan’s demise, she needed no help.

  2. says:

    Let’s not forget that Superman Returns also derailed Bryan Singer’s reputation as a bankable director. Jack The Giant Slayer hasn’t helped matters, either.

    • says:

      I saw that actor on Lettermen and he looked enough like the late Christopher Reeve that it was creepy for me. For those of us that watched Reeve’s great Superman performance, it was strange.

      • says:

        Yes, he was the ONLY thing that actually worked in that movie for me. I feel sorry for him, because he’s a decent actor and he gave a very good performance… but the script and characterization were just AWFUL.

    • says:

      Bryan Signer shall never be forgiven. He made X-Men when everyone said you can’t make a live action X-Men. He set a tone for superhero films and got the whole marvel film franchise rolling. After X-Men has come a flood of excellent Marvel films adopting his “tone it down enough to seem only marginally impossible” style when dealing with characters with super powers so they don’t come off as campy. Singer ushered in an era of film making that continues to this day. BUT WHEN IT CAME TIME TO DO RIGHT AND MAKE X-MEN 3 THAT DIRTY SOB JUMPED SHIP and made that pile of crap Superman Returns simultaneously running 2 movie franchises into the ground. They’ve spent the past 7 years churning out X-Men spinoffs because X-Men 3 was done so wrong they couldn’t go on. Sure there was an awesome X-Men 4 plot laid out and ready to “fix” everything 3 messed up from the get go, but nobody would touch X-Men after that.

      • says:

        In the wake of how bad Superman Returns was… Why the hell did Marvel let Singer do X-Men? He killed that trilogy as well. I think Iron Man and the Avengers would have still been awesome had he not ruined those movies.

        • says:

          Singer did X-Men way before he moved to do Superman Returns, and X-3 was hardly his directing job when he wasn’t even involved – and films included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man and the Avengers are not under Singer’s direction or control at all – you really need to learn some facts – the MCU movies are under the sole control of Marvel Studios itself, the X-Men movies belong to another film studio, not Marvel’s studio – and the MCU movies are hardly ruined consider the box office success they are and the positive reactions to the franchise as a whole

          • says:

            Disney owns Marvel….not exactly some mere other film studio. No one exploits movies better than Disney. Now they have Star Wars as well. Oh yeah, this site sucks.. Nothing better than unwanted ads pastes all over your browser. Even Chromes ad blocker couldn’t stop them.

  3. says:

    Actually, Joel Schumacher gets blamed for Batman and Robin but that wasn’t his fault. It was Warner Bros. Apparently even though Batman Forever was campier than Tim Burton’s films and lighter tone, it wasn’t light enough. Warner Bros told Joel he had to go even lighter.

    All this is because some parents thought that Penguin’s death in Batman Returns as well as the movie was too dark. Batman is not a light character. He is dark. Nolan revamped the franchise finally because Warner Bros let him. Warner Bros is actually to blame for Batman and Robin, not solely on Joel Schumacher.

    • says:

      Also the only reason why Nolan was able to do what he did was because Warner Bros was so desperate to get the Batman franchise rebooted. Nolan told them that if I am gonna do it I am gonna do it my way. Is that gonna be a problem for you because if it is I am walking right now. Warner Bros was desperate so they finally caved and stopped worrying about the damn children. Batman Returns was rated PG-13 for a reason. That wasn’t so kids under 13 years old would go see it.

      • says:

        That’s not what PG-13 means. Besides, every Batman movie from 1989 is rated PG-13 other than Mask of the Phantasm.

    • says:

      So it was Warner Brothers who added batnipples and all that neon?

    • says:

      While Warner Bros. did demand Schumacher to make it more campy and fun, it was really the lincese holders that pressured Warner Bros. to do the same. Kenner asked for vehicles and variant suits to be featured to sell more toys, t-shirt comapnies wanted the suits lighter to make it easier to print the t-shirts, and so on and so forth.

    • says:

      Tim Burton ruined Batman first. That guy is incapable of making a good movie.

  4. says:

    These ads are the worst thing I’ve ever seen. What a joke. You might as well turn your site into one ad space, minus the content.

    Get some real designers and developers. I’m done with this site. First time landing here, as well.

  5. says:

    I can’t agree with Cuba, Kevin, or Demi. They had good movies or roles after these movies. Also, Lindsay’s movie wasn’t what caused her downfall.

  6. says:

    There’s a huge difference between a movie ‘killing’ an actor’s career and a movie causing an actor to be typecast.

    Superman Returns has NOT killed Brandon Routh’s career by any measure. He’s just choosing his roles carefully, just like Christopher Reeve did.

    And he, at least, HAS a résumé to build on, unlike that punk from Smallville.

  7. says:

    wtf i wrong with p.o.d there still around.

  8. says:

    Who the hell even writes this stuff did they even read into things before writing them?

  9. says:

    That isn’t what The Love Guru is about.. he tries to help the love life of Romany Malco.. Not Justin Timberlake

    • says:

      Love Guru was about a former comedian who had been so pampered by wealth and fame for over a decade that he had completely forgot what being a normal human was like. Nobody outside of Hollywood had any idea what the hell this guru crap was. Just insular joke after insular joke. Unfortunately for the film, it was more Indian as a reverse of Siddhartha where the wise and well calculating man who understood the world as it truly was, went into the castle and forgot all about the people outside and after many years he knew only the pampering and butt kissing and had no measure of what was relevant to the common man.

      • says:

        so it was a biopic. Yu made a great point about Mike Myers……even when I saw the trailers to this, I was like….uh oh…….

  10. says:

    Sean Connery’s career ended by LXG? Really? The man willfully retired as planned and has had numerous offers to work in movies since but has refused, instead enjoying his retirement years. Linking that movie with Connery’s decision is silly.

    • says:

      Connery himself has said that LXG was the reason he retired. It’s not that he can’t get work, it’s that he no longer has a sense of how to pick them.

    • says:

      Honestly I thought Avengers was much worse than LXG.

    • says:

      Really he was already in his freaking 70s when he did that film and so what if it sucked he has a legendary career of both good and bad films he can make a stinker or two and still go out on top.

  11. says:

    Well, Batman and Robin didn’t ruin Chris O’Donnell’s career that bad. He’s on NCIS: Los Angeles with LL Cool J.

  12. says:

    All the rest aside, I don’t understand how 1 film ruins a career. In the case of some I can see how a blazing Eqo or drug use might cause Hollywood co-workers to not want to work with that person again. That’s not a movie failure so much as a failure of character and it wouldn’t have mattered what film they were working on. But, for instance, Demi Moore. Not the greatest actress on the planet but solid, people liked her at the box office. She made 1 bad call on a script. So what? Tell Hollywood to get over itself. Some of these people deserve a second chance. Personally I think Costner and Moore and a few others back on the big screen would be a lot better than some of the crap we’re being asked to pay for now

  13. says:

    Headline: THESE BOMBS CAUSED CASUALTIES! Great way to get views based off everything going on in Boston!

  14. says:

    styleblazer has it wrong Norrington quite on his own free will after his terrible experience with LXG. plus the LXG movie was plagued with production problems and Sean Connery ego. and Norrington was gonna direct the remake to the crow but left the project due to creative differences..

  15. says:

    I can understand why people hated the Shumacher Batman films. They shitted, and for some reason Schumacher brought out the worst in every actor for the 2 films he did. But why did people even like the Tim Burton Batman films? Those, in my opinion, were almost just as campy, with awful looking sets and hammy acting by almost everyone. Also, I intensely disliked Tim Burton’s version of the penguin. Sure, DeVito could have still played the Joker, just not as a deformed, vile creature. And what’s with Max Shrek wanting to make him the goddamn mayor of Gotham? He is absolutely hideous and takes so much work to make a viable candidate.

  16. says:

    I don’t know if this has already been pointed out, but SHowgirls was NOT the first ever NC-17 movie. Harry & June w/ Uma Thurman came out in 1990, and THAT was the first NC-17.

  17. says:

    Sorry but Beatty’s career was over long before Town & Country.

  18. says:

    I Know Who Killed Me didn’t kill Lohan’s film career. Lohan has been beating and torturing her film career in a basement for almost a decade. If it ever gets out, it might be the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen, but maybe it’ll make you cry.

  19. says:

    Style Blazer apparently needs to discover IMDb because Horatio Sanz was in “The Dictator” with Sasha Baron Cohen AND did voice work on “Wreck-It Ralph” with John C. Riley. “Ralph” was in 2012 and “The Dictator” was in 2011 (2010? 2012? unsure but still recent)

  20. says:

    Inconceivable dopery. Sanz was never a star, just given a role like so many SNL cast members. I’m out, this, I feel will only get worse and sap me of the few remaining brain cells I possess. Well done ‘Stylebazer’. Wow, maybe I am as stupid as one would expect; I did click the link. Anyone got a 9MM I can borrow? My skull could use a round or two…

  21. says:

    “Myers roped Jessica Alba and bunch of other talents into the film?” Really? Has anybody ever said Jessica Alba has any talent? The sentence should read “Myers roped a bunch of other talents and Jessica Alba.”

  22. says:

    Striptease was NOT “the much-touted, first-ever NC-17 film.” This writer needs some fact checking. Striptease was released in 1995. Madonna’s “Body of Evidence” held the rating in 1993, which is why this glaring mistake stood out to me. After a simple online search, the author of this should have been able to determine the “FIRST EVER NC-17″ was “Henry & June” with Uma Thurman from 1990. I hope Ike didn’t get paid for this article, there’s enough misinformation and ignorance already on the web.

    • says:

      Well this site isn’t high quality, of course here I am looking at this list, which is probably what they wanted me to do, so I could view all their pop up ads and voice activated ads and all that. Yeah,even I knew about Henry and June…..

    • says:

      Considering that this site is nothing but a viewsuck of ad revenue, I’m sure this author would’ve easily stated that The Land Before Time was NC-17.

  23. says:

    I couldn’t even finish this article, because the web page is SO CR@PPY! Holy cow, is it possible to pack more ads, with auto-starting videos (with audio! Yay!) and popups and rollover effects and just pure garbage. I’m adding Styleblazer to my “untrusted” list and blocking it. I need never trip and wind up here again!

    • says:

      To me, vocal ads are invasions of my privacy. If I remember the name of the advertiser (I make special efforts to block them) I go out of my way to boycott the product.

    • says:

      THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one going thru this insanity. Just give me a photo list and a blurb and I’m fine.I don’t need pop ups and DEFINITELY do not need some little guy selling car ins. on the lower right (I had my volume way up for something else, and all of a sudden while the rest of the family is watching a show, from my laptop comes ARE YU PAYING TOO MUCH FOR YOUR CCAR INSURANCE?)

    • says:

      You might want to change to Chrome or Firefox and use the extension Ad-Blocker. I get none of those ads you speak of, only slower page turns I guess from the ads trying to be loaded and then stopped before I see them. Your web surfing experience will be greatly enhanced.

    • says:

      This site sucks!

    • says:

      This site is way overloaded. I hadn’t thought of blocking the site but that’s not a bad idea – behavior should have consequences.

    • says:

      Agreed. Worst part was, I couldn’t find where to turn the damn audio off. I HATE that!

  24. says:

    How do I turn off the auto-play on the ads or even mute them? Christ.

  25. says:

    This website is horrible with the auto ads. Every 10 seconds another damn ad. I will never come back.

  26. says:

    This Website Sucks!

  27. says:

    Water World actually made its money back and then some after being a success internationally just like the other movie John carter from mars. K is still cool.

    • says:

      I could probably go to box office mojo and look this up but was John Carter a HUGE bomb from Disney (It was Disney right?)?…..Disney from my recollections doesn’t have too many of those, but even me channel surfing catching John Carter a couple days ago…I dunno…it felt like those Star Wars films made in the 90’s.was the John Carter book any good?

  28. says:

    They should re-release “Heaven’s Gate” at least on DVD. What’s there to loose? The movie may have been before its time just like “It’s A Wonderful Life.” I’ve never seen it. The movie might find an audience today. The film was pulled early from theaters because of a few highly regarded critics. It never aired on the east coast.

    • says:

      I believe they have restored it..put back scenes that help the cohesiveness (and made it longer) and I think maybe even Ebert said he thought upon reflection it was a well crafted film.

  29. says:

    She has been in a theatrical release since. Machete.

  30. says:

    Guess you never heard of Shrek

  31. says:

    Myers would not bring back his career by doing yet another Wayne’s World or Austin Powers. Both those movies were great in their first shot (and Austin Powers mainly because the first film ripped off so many other excellent spy movies… Bond, Our Man Flint, etc) but they both ran out of steam almost immediately. The last Austin Powers movie had devolved into nothing but fetish jokes mainly involving feces…. which is basically what I heard of The Love Guru.

    Maybe Myers’ career dying had more to do with his increasingly infantile brand of humor. Look at his career and see how he went from So I Married An Axe Murderer and Wayne’s World to Austin Powers to ultimately the last sequel of that franchise and Love Guru. He evolved in more of a devolving fashion, heck even Adam Sandler matured for a little while over his career.

    • says:

      agreed. Myers ran out of ideas. He cant even sit there with all his free time and come up anything new? Bringing back either of those movies is about as smart as doing the Garfield movie a couple years back or the Coneheads movie like thirty years after the original sketch was performed on SNL

  32. says:

    UMMM,No “MOMMY DEAREST,it ruined,no destroyed Faye Dunaway’s film career.

    • says:

      Very True…I forgot about that one….you know what though…..it was on AMC recently, and I watched it all the way thru….I think Dunaway got blacklisted by people in Hollywood (I heard this, cant prove it) because she portrayed a Hollywood icon in a negative way…..maybe today you can do that, but that was like in what, 1981…..there were still people around trying to preserve Ms Crawfords legacy….

  33. says:

    I didn’t even finish this list. After having to reboot my computer thanks to all your ads, I only came back to complain and hope whoever designed this site gets fired.

  34. says:

    Invasive ads caused your site to be blocked forever. Selling ads that we can choose to watch is OK – but selling ads we are forced to watch is despicable and needs and requires profit mongering guile. Your greed has effectively killed your site as I am sending out a message to everyone to boycott your trash.

  35. says:

    I feel like someone didnt see Schumacher’s episodes from House of Cards.

  36. says:

    Dana Carvey – The Master of Disguise.

  37. says:

    The information about Loev Guru is incorrect. Myers’ character wasn’t hired to help Timberlake’s character, he was hired to help Romany Malco’s character, whose wife was having an affair with Tmberlake’s character. Get it right!

  38. says:

    Watereworld wasn’t actually a flop, though many people see it as one. It made it’s money back.

    • says:

      And since then Costner’s “ruined” career includes 1996 Tin Cup, 1997 The Postman, 1999 Message in a Bottle, 2000 Thirteen Days, 2003 Open Range, 2006 The Guardian, 2007 Mr. Brooks, 2008 Swing Vote, 2012 Hatfields & McCoys (TV mini-series)

  39. says:

    this list is ignorant. Of the 15 destroyed careers
    8 Directors several of which were 1 hit wonders anyway.
    2 “actors” who never should have been (lohan & madonna).
    2 total unknowns (Horatio Sanz & Bryan Singer).
    1 actor (Connery) who was quitting anyway
    also was the only good thing about the film in your own statement.

    1 “actor” (meyers) nothing different in ANY of his films. ALL should have flopped.

    so that leaves

    2 real STARS damaged by this list.

    Yet another sensationalist title for inaccurate BS from another Know-nothing talking head. YAY FO&D ..i..

  40. says:

    Speaking of bombs… the designer of this web page should put in an application at Mickey Dees.

  41. says:

    Worst. Site. Ever. Are your web designers the first grade?

  42. says:

    Waterworld is a very entertaining movie.

  43. says:

    What, they totally missed the fact that “Striptease” was supposed to be Burt Reynolds’ big comeback? Instead, it totally s-canned what little remained of his reputation.

    • says:

      He made Boogie Nights after Striptease.

      Sadly he has the worst agent in the world because his comeback was very short lived.

    • says:

      Actually, Burt Reynolds was nominated for Best supporting actor for “Boogie Nights” which was released a year AFTER “Striptease”.

  44. says:

    “Put an end to Costner’s status as golden boy”.
    And yet he still did major studio releases like Tin Cup, and the Postman (which was a
    bigger flop than Waterworld).

  45. says:

    “League of Extraordinary Gentleman was a box office bomb”.

    Actually despite being regarded as a bad movie, the film still managed to make back more than twice its budget worldwide, hardly qualifying it as a bomb.

    Also the likes of Town and Country and TLOEG didn’t end Beatty or Connery’s careers.
    They chose retirement.

  46. says:

    in regards to kevin smith and cop out , i’d like to say “who needs Hollywood?” Kevin smith has made TONS of great movies with out holywood , this includes red state. Cop out certainly didn’t kil his career, it wasn’t a bad movie either , it just showed us that holywood would rather make bull s— movies.

  47. says:

    Austin powers and Wayne’s world both sucked , it’s no msuprise that audiences finally got tired of this guy on love guru.

  48. says:

    Love Guru, really? If anything, I’d have thought it was “Cat in the Hat” that killed Myers’ career. It was the movie that made Suess’s widow forbid any more live action movies.

  49. says:

    Many of these supposed “career killers”, despite being failures at the box office, did not actually “kill” the career of the actor who starred in it.

    Many of them went on to star in successful films.

    This article is exaggerating just a bit.

  50. says:

    The Deer Hunter sucked, no one wanted to admit it at the time because it was one of the earliest films to deal with the Vietnam War. But the whole russian roulette bit has no historical basis, the brief combat in Vietnam was messily filmed and who wants to watch a Russian orthodox wedding party for 40 minutes, followed by some bickering schmucks awkward going to hunt deer in the mountains and arguing over hunting gear?

    If they’d realized that, they’d never have given Cimino a movie with a large budget.

  51. says:

    The write-up on LOVE GURU is completely off. Timberlake was “ridicuously well-endowed”, but he played the bad guy, not the one being helped.

  52. says:

    Idiotic article – I didn’t read the whole thing since the first two films “Gigli” and “Batman” did absolutely NOT ruin the careers of George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. LOTS of actors are in films that flop at the box office and it doesn’t “kill” their career. Robin Williams, Julia Roberts have had several big budget flops and they are still A List actors. What a piece of junk article!

    • says:

      If you HAD read the article, you would find that the directors are usually the ones whose careers die.

      And Ben Affleck’s career DID die for quite some time, due to awful movie choices AND the public being sick to death of him.

  53. says:

    I just wanted to point out that it was Tim Burton (who sucks) that killed Batman back in the day… not Shumacher.

  54. says:

    Really? No Battlefield Earth?

    • says:

      Or Catwoman? The director of that movie vanished for years, and reappeared… ON THE SYFY CHANNEL. I think we can consider his career dead and rotting.

  55. says:

    Does that video need to keep starting every time I click on the next image? That’s some really crummy design…

  56. says:

    Ad filled shitty site

  57. says:

    Heaven’s Gate an “innovative classic”? What numbskull made that reassessment? For the real story, read Steven Bach’s memoir “Final Cut” about the making of “Gate.”

  58. says:

    Waterwold was not a flop. It not only broke even, it made a profit. It took me less than 10 seconds to confirm this online. I guess that means I’m overqualified to work for this website.

  59. says:

    ben affleck sure likes playing poor idiot chumps falling for lesbians. It’s getting old.

  60. says:

    It was more than 15 casualties, just 15 total movies causing the casualties. It’s funny that when they did the synopsis for the Love Guru, which wasn’t great, but whatever, they got the story wrong.

  61. says:

    The big screen Batman films of that era were little more than comic books for kids and were little more than big budget versions of the 1960’s Batman movie. When the Bale Batman films came out the feeling was that someone had finally – finally – figured out what this Batman thing was all about (The Dark Knight being the absolute pinnacle). The Marvel films have been good, but the Bale Batman films actually felt real and this is something that has never been done before or since.

  62. says:

    Made it about halfway through. Shame your site sucks. The writing wasn’t bad…what I saw of it. The insanity of adapoolaza makes it impossible to continue reading.

  63. says:

    What a horrifically designed website

  64. says:

    Oh wait, another mistake here. Harvey Weinstein will give Kevin Smith anything he wants, anytime he wants to make a movie. So no, Hollywood has not turned their back on Kevin Smith. Try again.

  65. says:

    The ads are really annoying, will not visit this site again!

  66. says:

    I’ve got AdBlock Plus so I’m completely confused about these ads, haha.

  67. says:

    Ads are so disruptive that I’m done and will never be back.

  68. says:

    Your list is funny, and even funnier is your synopsis of “The Love Guru”…totally blew that one! It wasn’t about restoring the love life of the hockey player played by Timberlake, it was about the hockey player played by Romany Malco. Ignorance is bliss, and you have shown how true that is. You should actually watch the movie you are talking about to at least give yourself a little credibility. To quote Timberlake…”Damn.”

  69. says:

    Your site sux! Get the adds out of ur ars!

  70. says:

    My first time to the site and I won’t be back. Too many interrupting ads!

  71. says:

    This is one of the sheetiest fuhkin sites I ever encountered. You must have blind, limbless children designing this site. Damn you to an eternity of sohdohmy from your fathers!

  72. says:

    Showgirls wasn’t the first NC-17 film. Henry and June was.

    I haven’t seen either.

  73. says:

    Elizabeth Berkeley’s future as a leading woman? HA!!!

  74. says:

    “The actress has not starred in a theatrical feature since the film tanked.” Wasn’t Lohan in Scary Movie 5?

  75. says:

    fix the stupid ads and i might return to this site.

  76. says:

    The Transformers movies and Indiana Jones 4 probably also ruined Shia Labeouf’s movie career.

  77. says:

    Actually, I do remember P.O.D. When I made my list of the top 10 One Hit Wonders of the Awful Aughts (00’s) P.O.D.’s Youth of the Nation topped my list as I thought it was a terrific look at the downside of teen life

  78. says:

    This is one of the most poorly written things I’ve ever wasted time reading… and I agree with “Promontorium” about Lindsey Lohan. To say that one film killed her career is beyond ridiculous. Her self abuse and behavior killed her career. I would imagine that there are all kinds of reasons these actors didn’t do much after bad films, but not always because of THAT film. And another thing! There is nothing more irritating that having ads pop up in your face as soon as you start reading. It’s just a bad website.

  79. says:

    It makes no difference. If your a actor with tons of friends & connections in Hollywood, no matter how many crap movies you make, you will always be a star. Look at Ben Asslick for example? Daredevil,Gigli & other crap movies he made where horrible. He did outstanding job with directing both “The Town & Argo” but it doesn’t give him the right to take his new actor role for Batman & hope it will be his last acting career. Zack Syder is going to destroy not only his director career, but also is taking “Henry Cavill,Jesse Eisenberg,Gal Gadot, & of course Ben Affleck.” This movie is going to be the 2016 laughable & failure.

    As for Superman Return, if I was Bradon Routh,” I would sue that idiot Bryan Singer.

  80. says:

    The fact that Shane West was cast in a major part for League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen should have been a warning sign to Sean that the director didn’t know what he was doing and this was a bad movie that is going to sink straight t the very bottom.

  81. says:

    LOL!! I just stumbled across this, and I guess its better late then never. Just Firefox with ad blocker clearly everyone who is complaining us using Microsoft explorer.

  82. says:

    I’d love to review this site, but it became unbearable with all of the screen jumps. Who designs these sites that annoy and not entertain? how do they stay in business?

  83. says:

    Note to self: Never go to StyleBlazer again.

  84. says:

    I never click on these articles thinking I’m actually going to see movies that destroyed careers or was a stink bomb. I would say most of the movies were not the greatest. But 5 on the list were movies I actually love. It’s all just about someones opinion. And I think whoever wrote this article stinks The ones i loved were rollerball, batman & robin, waterworld, the league of extraordinary gentlemen and copout.

  85. says:

    I liked Striptease it was a yuk fest with b00bs. How can you not like a Burt Reynolds film?

  86. says:

    Yeah, those ad bars at the bottom are annoying. Could have made this a one page text list.

  87. says:

    Page loads a bit, reloads a little bit more, loads, skips, takes another 30 seconds. Eventually I waited for it to load completely just so I could say what a Java and Flash packed bloated crap piece of over commercialization this site is.

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