B Rocka: Brandy Covers ‘Pynk’ Magazine, Talks Favorite Designers & Meeting Her Fiance

  • Mia

    She is obsessed with the idea of being married.

    • Bianca

      I was thinking the same thing, she takes her delusions as a sign? silly cow. i see another baby and no ring in her near future

      • da boss lady

        see what I’m talking about. there always somebody trying to bring down black women. leave her alone she living her life she happy.and I’m happy for her. the same people bashing her are same people. that nobody dont wanna marry them. so hater I will see you later!

  • mary

    Love me some brandy, Im glad she’s in a happy place right now.

  • dopeness

    This bish is everythang!! gorg

    • TbeeZ

      YES!!! love her!! Hair is always on point!

  • red

    Brandy im happy for you ignore these haters nothing wrong with marriage and being happy. Wow people
    Are so unhappy with themselves they always have negative things to say about others. Get a life.

  • django

    Everyone is obsessed with something. Apparently the two jack holes at the bottom are obsessed with Brandy. I’m happy for everyone who has found love

    • Emeli

      Lol exactly. I’d bet anything they’re unmarried and more than likely broke as well. LOL!

  • iHM

    Brandy seems so nice and sweet to me that I didn’t watch her reality show. I didn’t want to ruin the little mental image I had of her lol.

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