4 Tips To Getting Your Most Amazing Twist-Outs

  • Shaddy Shaddyliscious Owens

    I have tighter curls (a mixture of 4b, 4c and 3c hair) and shea butter works well. I have made my own “pudding” for twist outs with shea butter, olive oil, peppermint oil, conditioner & water with a little flaxseeg gel. Works great!

  • Candace Walls

    I am a Twist-Out Master lol Regardless of what products you use to set your hair, be sure that you completely dry your twists before you twist-out. Damp hair can make or break your results! I always use an ionic hooded dryer to partially dry so that my hair will be completely dry the next morning for my fabulous Twist-Out!

  • tasha

    i gave up on the twist out. lol

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