Target Gets Called Out For 'Manatee Gray' Label on Plus-Size Dresses

Target Gets Called Out For ‘Manatee Gray’ Label on Plus-Size Dresses

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Retailers are no strangers to issuing mae culpas, so it should come as no surprise when we tell you the latest retailer to come hat in hand is Target.  According to Forbes, the retailer was recently called out on twitter, by a shopper, who noticed that their plus-size Mossimo kimono maxi dresses were labeled as “manatee gray,” while the ‘regular’ sizes were called “dark heather gray.”

Joshua Thomas, the company’s spokesman, explained that the company stocks several products with the color label “manatee gray”.  He also explained, as told to Forbes, “there were two different teams of buyers responsible for the “missy” and plus-size product lines, and the teams didn’t coordinate when they inputted the product information for the site. One team apparently used the color’s official name [manatee gray], while the other eyeballed it.”  An apology was also issued via Twitter stating, “we apologize for this unintentional oversight & never intend to offend our guests. We’ve heard you, and we’re working to fix it ASAP.”

We believe it was an honest mistake on the retailer’s part.  After all, it doesn’t make sense that they would isolate their consumers in such a demeaning way.  Also, after a search on their website we were able to find several products listed as ‘manatee gray’, so unless they had a team renaming all gray products ‘manatee gray’, we will give them the benefit of the doubt…this time.


StyleBlazers, do you believe it was an honest oversight?


  • Andy Totenkopf

    They should have called them pig snoot grey.

  • SlimDil

    Why so paranoid?

  • OMG… to make it weirder.. I had a pop-up advertisement from Nestle’s SKINNY-COW products jump up blocking my view of reading the article… I wasn’t even aware that my pop-up blocker was no longer blocking… It’s not cool where the sensitivity lines are enforced and relaxed in this country and the constant moving standards for when and where those standards are adjusted…

  • If people are fat we should be able to poke fun at them… might inspire them to get healthier. I am 65 pounds overweight and isn’t anybody’sd fault but my own- No one should have to walk on eggsehlls around me. If someone wants to poke fun at my big belly I will laugh along with them,.. They don’t have any responsibility to be ultra-sensitive around me because I eat tooo much. Dumb people in this country have us thinking that fat people need to be coddled and trated gently. Maybe thats why we are all so fat in the first place… cuz we are artifically shileded from reality.

    • YHdesign

      I appreciate insights like yours. I’m overweight too, and know I need to lose weight. I’m with you. No one should have to walk on eggshells, but I’m also careful to not offend others. I think the name “manatee gray” is lovely!