15 Celebrity Couples That Have Made It Work For A Long Time!

New Celeb Couples Take Notes,Their Love Gets Better With Time! 15 Of The Longest Marriages In Hollywood!

Celebrities relationships are fickle, aren’t they? Whether it’s the pressure of the public eye consistently in every inch of your business, posting pictures of your latest spat or not being able to see one another because of hectic schedules, celebrity relationships face extreme challenges. There are those, however, who have stood the test of time. These celebrity couples have learned to live with all the public speculation, annoying paparazzi and the busy industry lifestyle in order to let love outlive all odds. Check out 15 celebrity couples who have been married for quite a long time! You’ll be pushing Kimye to take a note or two!

David Beckham & Victoria BeckhamBECKHAMS WENN


These two have been married since 1999 and it’s no wonder, they are both so hot we wouldn’t be able to keep our hands off each other either.

Patrick Dempsey & Jullian FinkDEMPSEY FINK WENN


Patrick Dempsey is practically every girls McDreamy, but apparently he only has eyes for one girl, his wife Julian Fink! Doesn’t a loyal man just make you want to jump his bones? Well, you should be ashamed of yourself! Anyways, Dempsey and Fink’s 14 year marriage comes ways before he played a gorgeous doctor on the hit television show Grey’s Anatomy. 

Pauletta Washington & Denzel WashingtonDENZEL WASHINGTON PAULETTA WENN


Denzel Washington sure does age gracefully, doesn’t he? You might associate that with all the loving support Denzel has been getting for years (that or good genes, but who’s telling) from wife and partner of 29 years Pauletta Washington. The Washingtons are both very religious and believe in a lot of Christian traditions, which may contribute to their union lasting this long.

Tom Hanks & Rita WilsonHANKSM WILSON WENN


Funnyman Tom Hanks has a lot of jokes, but one thing he takes serious is his marriage to Rita Wilson. Hank and Wilson have been going strong since April 30, 1988, with the couple celebrating their 25th anniversary this year!

Samuel L. Jackson & Latanya JacksonJACKSON LATANYA WENN


If you want to know who would probably win couple jeopardy, then you have found your match right here. Samuel L. Jackson & Latanya Jackson decided to get hitched in 1980, way before Samuel knew anything about being as cool as shaft!

Bruce Jenner & Kris Jenner JENNERS WENN


Everyone knows famed momager Kris Jenner, but if you don’t tune in to the Kardashian family’s twelve million shows, then odds are you know nothing about Kris’ Olympic gold medalist husband Bruce Jenner. The two have been married since 1991, and got hitched just one month after she divorced her first husband and famous O.J. Simpson attorney Robert Kardashian. 

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew BroderickJESSICA PARKER BRODERICK WENN


Carrie may not be may not be able to keep a man, but Sarah Jessica Parker has her boo on lock! Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick have been married since 1997 with the duo’s relationship consistently in the public eye.

Barack Obama & Michelle ObamaOBAMAS WENN


These two are obviously in love, and whether you are a Democrat or Republican, casting your eyes on this couple makes you smile. The Obamas began dating while working at a law firm where Michelle was Barack’s assigned summer mentor and they haven’t been apart since then. Barack and Michelle dated for quite a while and finally jumped the broom in October 1992.

Sharon Osbourne & Ozzy Osbourne OSBOURNES WENN


We may not be able to understand a word Ozzy Osbourne is saying, but as long as he has wife Sharon Osbourne by his side we will always have a translator. The Osbourne’s married in 1982 after she helped to launch his solo career. 

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett- SmithPINKETT SMITH WENN


Rumors of everything from divorce to having an open marriage have never stopped Will Smith and Jada Pinkett from being together. Their nearly 16 year marriage makes us believe these two have found the secret to a healthy, long-standing marriage. 

Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos


Kelly Ripa is a cute little force to be reckoned with, but no one knows how to handle her like her longtime life partner Mark Consuelos. The pair met while they were co-stars on the soap opera All My Children, and fell head over heels in love before they both knew it. In May 1996, Ripa and Consuelos secretly married in Las Vegas and been living happily ever after since. 

Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale STEFANI ROSSDALE WENN


Gwen Stefani’s intimidating rocker look may seem like too much for the marrying type, but apparently it’s nothing for Gavin Rossdale, Stefani’s husband of 11 years. The two have been seen recently leaving couple’s counseling, but hey, who doesn’t have their up’s and downs?

Trudie Styler & Sting STING STYLER WENN


Sting has revealed the secret to his more than 25- year relationship, and 18- year marriage with wife Trudie Styler and it’s simple- ladies dress up in the bedroom! That’s right, Sting revealed in one of the couple’s latest interviews that the two still have a very active sex life and Sting loves to see Styler dress up for him! 

John Travolta & Kelly PrestonTRAVOLTA PRESTON WENN


Headlines have been screaming for years now with speculations that John Travolta and Kelly Preston were getting a divorce, but recent shots from the paparazzi speak otherwise. The two were recently photographed vacationing in Australia with their 2- year-old son Benjamin, smiling from ear to ear. Travolta and Preston had their first wedding in September 1991, and have been fighting the media rumor mill since then.

Iman & David Bowie



Iman is still absolutely gorgeous, but it seems her skin radiates just a little bit more when she is pictured with her husband of 20 years, David Bowie. Bowie and Iman met when they were set up on a blind date in 1990, got married two years later and celebrated their 20-year-anniversay just last year! It goes to show a blind date can go a long way!


  • Choyce2020

    Yeah, all these “marriages” survive b/c the wives allow their so called hubbys to “play” on the side w/whomever (other women/or men) they chose so the wifey can enjoy all the materialistic things that go along w/this type of a marriage….sheesh, maybe I’m jealous…LOL.

  • So, you just had to include the Obama’s in your list of ’15 Of The Longest Marriages In Hollywood!’ Seriously?

  • Courtney Kennedy

    @Choyce20/20 no your an idiot implying all men in Hollywood are cheaters Paul Newman was never proven to have cheated on Joanne Woodward sure she was his 2nd wife but it still counts for something that he never played on her. not that she would’ve put up with it if he had cheated in the time they were living together/married they did live apart for 6 months from April to October of 1969 when a female journalist accused him of cheating with her on the set of Butch Cassidy the year before and in October of 69 they went back to London for a 2nd honeymoon.

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