15 Films That Have Been Altered To Appeal To Chinese Audiences

Movies Changes For China: 15 Instances Of Hollywood Catering To The People’s Republic

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Hollywood is no longer just appealing to domestic audiences. International distribution has long been a means for studios to double or triple a film’s profits, but the bar for boffo box office has been raised within the last decade. What is inspiring the financial sea change? Why, The People’s Republic of China, of course. Though they still rule of their domain with an iron fist, the Chinese government has been opening its film market up to Hollywood as means of financial and cultural innovation. With Hollywood’s bridge to the country now firmly linked, here are 15 famous films that have found themselves altered in the name of Chinese box office.


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Rian Johnson’s time travel noir Looper (starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, above) was financed, in part, by Chinese backers. As per agreement, director Rian Johnson made an alternate cut for Chinese audiences that extended a sequence set in Shanghai. The film was subsequently a massive hit with Chinese audiences, a fact many suspect is due to the government’s ban on time-travel themed stories on film and television (we’re guessing it was lifted for Looper).

  • If they cut all the crappy parts of the Mission Impossible movies the series would last a combined 2 minutes,

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    I don’t think that part about the Red Dawn remake is entirely true. I think the movie was already completed before the alterations, the movie just sat on the shelf for a couple of years because MGM went bankrupt.