15 Films That Have Been Altered To Appeal To Chinese Audiences

Movies Changes For China: 15 Instances Of Hollywood Catering To The People’s Republic

Mission Impossible 3

Cruise Mission Impossible Set

Photo: Ian Wilson/WENN.com

James Bond isn’t the only cinema spy whose films have been cut by Chinese censors. Ethan Hunt himself (played by Tom Cruise) experienced editing from Chinese censors who removed six minutes from Mission Impossible III. The scene in question had star Tom Cruise use a baseball to distract a group of Chinese soldiers and subsequently shoot them down. Feeling the scene insulting to their military, China understandably removed it.

  • If they cut all the crappy parts of the Mission Impossible movies the series would last a combined 2 minutes,

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    I don’t think that part about the Red Dawn remake is entirely true. I think the movie was already completed before the alterations, the movie just sat on the shelf for a couple of years because MGM went bankrupt.