15 Films That Have Been Altered To Appeal To Chinese Audiences

Movies Changes For China: 15 Instances Of Hollywood Catering To The People’s Republic

Cloud Atlas

Weaving Cloud Atlas PF WENN

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Despite featuring an all-star ensemble like Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, and Hugo Weaving (pictured in a still above), Cloud Atlas was a bomb. This is likely due to the film’s lengthy 169 minute running time that scared most domestic audiences away. Chinese censors may have done their own moviegoers a service by clipping 40 minutes of the film’s running time (129 minutes seems breezy in comparison to the long-winded version). All kidding aside, the censors cut most of the film’s most complex themes, removing a gay relationship and a sexually explicit affair from the narrative entirely.

  • If they cut all the crappy parts of the Mission Impossible movies the series would last a combined 2 minutes,

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    I don’t think that part about the Red Dawn remake is entirely true. I think the movie was already completed before the alterations, the movie just sat on the shelf for a couple of years because MGM went bankrupt.