CAPTION THIS: Rob Kardashian's Exes Share A Laugh

CAPTION THIS: Rob Kardashian’s Exes Share A Laugh

  • cstarzg

    Rob just gained 100 more pounds.

    • smiley_00

      an extra 100 ontop of the current 100? damn.

    • Whatevs


  • MannieCarlo_SS

    Yes, it is funny that neither of them are relevant

    • Arod Arod

      Add Rob to that “non relevant” list

  • kath05

    who are they? lol

  • JustMyThoughtsToday

    I think we have a “little” something in common.

  • oopsies

    The appropriate caption for this photo is “Karma.” Rob cheated on Adrienne (our right) during their relationship and afterwards got cheated on mercilessly by Rita. You know at least one of the conversations they had was about his weight gain and “sock line”. As you sow, so shall you reap!