We Want Beyonce's Manicure From Her Pepsi Commercial

Nail Trend Alert: Get Beyoncé’s Manicure From Her Pepsi Commercial

bey As if we needed another reason to love Beyoncé‘s new Pepsi commercial — the hair, clothes, and moves! —we’re now eyeing her manicure. Bey rocked NCLA nail wraps created by jewelry designer, Melody Ehsani. The designer also collaborated with Karmaloop for Bey’s “Ratchet” doorknockerslast year.

The nail wraps are covered in the Umoja design, which is Swahili for unity.  The vivid patterns and intricate designs are Melody’s  interpretation of Maasai jewelry and culture, something that has always been an artistic and inspirational source for the designer.

Get a NCLA manicure just like Bey here.




StyleBlazers, are you loving Beyoncé’s manicure?


-Adrienne A. Gadling