15 Famous Films That Were Allegedly Cursed

Tragedy, Coincidence And Superstition In Hollywood: 15 Famous Films That Were Allegedly Cursed

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Films typically traffic in themes of like death, religion, the supernatural– the sort of things people grapple with in real life. This is why when tragedies occur in Hollywood that reflect the movies themselves, audiences start getting a little spooked. It doesn’t take much for people to start blaming the bad things that befall Hollywood figures on curses. Sometimes the superstitious set claim that the movies themselves suffer from curses that cause misfortune. Here are 15 film productions that have become associated with accidents, misfortune and strange coincidences that many chalk up to a superstitious curse.


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The Superman curse is likely the most well-known movie superstition to circulate in Hollywood. It can be traced back to the original television Superman, George Reeves, who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in 1959. Other actors who allegedly caught the curse were Christopher Reeves (who was paralyzed in 1995) and Richard Pryor (who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years after acting in Superman III).

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    Some of these where just too must, mostly the satanic based films…Oh and Passion of the Christ…and the last film…90 people caught cancer from one production….Damn Damn Damn Damn….Maybe it was karma for a damn white man to play a asian….Or whatever Khan was….I know damn well he wasn’t white !

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