Risky Movie Business: 15 Actors Who Were Injured On Movie Sets

Risky Movie Business: 15 Actors Who Were Injured On Movie Sets

We all know that making movies isn’t all glamorous and sometimes it’s downright painful, literally. Actors often risk life and limb for their roles in order to bring a script to life, sometimes on purpose and other times by pure accident.

Click through to find out which 15  actors suffered painful injuries on movie sets.

Halle Berry


 Photo: WENN

Who knew someone as beautiful and poised as Halle Berry could be so accident-prone. The Oscar-winning actress has had quite a few on-set mishaps over the years. In 2012 she was rushed to the hospital after taking a narsty spill and hitting her head on the concrete while filming a staged fight scene for her movie The Hive. She broke her foot the year before on the set of Cloud Atlas, sustained a head injury after getting hit with lighting equipment while filming Catwoman in 2004, broke her arm while shooting Gothika in 2003 and ended up with an eye injury while on the set of Die Another Day in 2002. It’s safe to assume Halle’s got just about every part of her body insured.

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