B Does Belgrade!: Beyoncé Kicks Off “Mrs. Carter World Tour” (Check Out Her Designer Costumes!)

  • Thisis me

    Same ol same ol

    • Whatevs

      them fishnets and leotards. What did she wear onstage before Single Ladies?

      • AnnelliDAREAL

        Anyone should be able to tell that these costumes are NOT the same from any of her previous shows and or performances. And even if they were…what’s the big deal? Don’t you wear outfits more than once??

    • Denise

      Exactly what I was thinking. They look like the same little outfits she’s been wearing for years. Nothing new here.

    • AnnelliDAREAL

      Beyonce looks GREAT! Always changing….you never know what to expect. Wow!

  • Kerry

    She is “The Game”…plain and simp….give it up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/renee.mcgregory.3 Cynomen Jones

    she should sit her tired arse down.. real talk..same hoochie outfits and tired weaves..oh dont forget the fan and the coochie poppin

    • Kerry

      Nawl Jones,

      I’m not even really a fan of hers, but she’s the baddest in the game…reel talk…respect the game.

    • AnnelliDAREAL

      Beyonce should keep doing what she is doing…the thing about music is this: it’s ageless, thus so are the performers of it. Just as long as Beyonce keeps herself looking appealing, has great talent and can still market and sell her brand, she can do whatever the h e l l she likes with her career. Are you going to quit your job???

  • Jane

    She does need some new outfits

  • Justine

    Just saw Alicia Keys in concert. She had exactly two outfits for the entire show, but she knew she didn’t need the razzle dazzle. Bey’s over the top with these worn out ensembles.

    • AnnelliDAREAL

      Beyonce is Beyonce….and there is none like her.

  • lolo8967

    why do people feel the need to defend beyonce. If someone doesn’t like her that their opinion.

    • Im-a-legend

      _____________I WILL BREAK IT DOWN for you.________________

      Because, they have to come to terms – with what she really is ..a Marketing Product.
      At 13 – 14 years old Beyonce was their IDOL-“Brighter than any star in the sky”…. Now these “Beyhives” are in their early 20’s just patrols the internet defend anyone who calls her a Fraud.

      Fraud is: decades in the music biz -no legendary music. #0 unique look /style
      [Legends have a look: Marilyn Monroe, Micheal Jackson, Elvis, Jimmy Hendrick, Beatles, Madonna, no fan is walking the streets looking like Bey other than RuPaul ]

      The copycat/swagger jack is well documented. Then she puts up fake fortune like Paris Hilton .. Im worth $000000000000000 is a lie….then please come to my $5.00 tour.

      BOSS < Jessica Simpson franchises.Jessica is worth a billion..quietly

      …. Beyhives will say same stuff…. "90 grammys, best in whatever, best singer (lol) best dancer (lol) Beyonce sings live (#dead+lol) better than MJ.. Mariah, Disney on Ice.. …………………………………………………………………………………………………at any given moment Beyhives will run over Rhianna with their car!!!!….. Rhianna is a major threat to their delusion.

      like the 4th graders beyhives love songs with" uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh" chorus [ crazy in love & single ladies..

      Beiber fans will be like this in 5 years…_

  • Ankh Entertainment

    Give em hell B ya badasss

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