Surprise! There’s Two of Me: 15 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had A Twin

  • Tamara Squire Moon

    Real Husband’s what of Hollywood?
    Or perchance did the writer intend to say “The Real Husbands…?” You know, as in plural, rather than possessive -s?

  • loveapeach

    Tasha’s sister Sidra is a b*tch who evidently has a problem w/white people.

  • Guest

    Aaron and Shawn Ashmore

  • Guest

    Aaron and Shawn Ashmore.. haha, I would hae never known.

  • DJ Deezy ThaTruth

    Aaron and Shawn Ashmore(IceMan & Warehouse 13).. haha, I would have never known.I surely thought it was the same actor. Bravo

  • chi

    i feel bad for vin deisel brother. geesh what happend

  • Snickers85

    I had no idea Jon Heder had a twin! Ha Efren Ramirez (Pedro) has an identical twin too!

  • Kooze

    The Haqq sisters played Vida & Starr in ATL too :)

  • R. Brown

    Everyone knows about Ronde and Tiki Barber omg lol

  • Jay

    LOL What tha hell Vin your brother man omg woooooooooow! O my

  • f

    this is sumb everyone knows aboutt he barber twins

  • Bigedub101

    Wow Vin Diesel brother got short end of the stick. Looks like a Bi-racial mix between Paul Giamatti and Carrot Top

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