Three's A Crowd: The 15 Messiest Celebrity Love Triangles

When Three Is More Than A Crowd: The 15 Messiest Celebrity Love Triangles

When it comes to having every facet of your life put on display, maybe being a celebrity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The drama of your love life gets played out in front of millions of people, and boy does it get dramatic, especially when there’s a third wheel. This is what we like to call “the celebrity love triangle.” If you think it’s messy with two celebs, three is an absolute wreck!

Check out these 15 highly-publicized celebrity love triangles.  

Ice T./Coco Austin/AP.9

Coco Austin-Ice T-AP9 WENN PF

Photo: WENN

 Coco got herself into some hot water with husband Ice T. when pictures of her and obscure rapper AP.9 getting a little too close turned up on the Internet. Coco insisted that it was all innocent, and that AP. 9 was just a groupie who’d come to her t0pless burlesque shows in Vegas, but the rapper didn’t appreciate being downplayed, and blasted Coco with photos and texts proving that it was much more than innocent.  Poor Ice T. took to Twitter to express his disappointment saying: “She’s made me look.. And feel like sh**,” but the couple isn’t throwing away 11 years of marriage over it…yet.

  • Dawn Doran

    Jennifer Aniston was a home wrecker herself….Her fiancé was engaged and Aniston knew it too…