If We Could Do It All Over Again: 15 Celebs We'd Take To The Prom

If We Could Do It All Over Again: 15 Celebs We’d Take To The Prom


So maybe you don’t (want to) remember the guy who took you to prom. Maybe he had a high top fade or some variation of a boy band jherri curl (*cough* like Justin Timberlake) and you don’t talk to dudes who chemically alter their strands anymore. Or perhaps your date was similar to the not so cute Kardashian or Simmons brother. We won’t tell! No matter where you’re standing along the boulevard of prom memories, we bet you wouldn’t mind doing it all over again with someone else. We sure do. So we put together a gallery of eligible folks we wouldn’t mind getting a corsage from on prom night.

Now, this was no easy task by any means. We did the best we could after eliminating the married celebs (Scandal‘s Tony Goldwyn is taken) and the ones whose real teeth we could count on one hand. (Sorry, Trinidad James. Still got love for you, bruh.)

Here are 15 celebs who made the cut.


Columbus Short

abc tca disney party 2 280712

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As fast talking Harrison Wright, Columbus is always trying to get everybody together when their emotions start spiraling out of control on ABC’s Scandal. “We are Gladiators. We do this because this is our job. It’s what we do.” We could use that kind of balance in our lives. He’d be like, “Girl. Calm down. Just wipe the eyeliner off with a dab of jojoba oil and try again. You got this. You are a Gladiator.”


Drake WENN pf

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He needs to take a break from dating strippers. You gon’ learn today, Drizzy, to give someone with two left feet a chance!

Jaleel White

twilight breaking dawn 16 131112

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If you watched Family Matters back in the ’90s, you’d know that Jaleel not only played the nerdy, cheese obsessed Steve Urkel, but he played Stefan Urquelle too. Stefan was smooth, walked like he had silk between his toes and his shirts never wrinkled. So, (toots horn) we’re here for that guy.

J. Cole

wireless festival day three 5 080712

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He’s been with his college sweetheart Melissa Heholt for over six years. If they are in fact still together, we’re sure Melissa wouldn’t mind letting him go to the prom with us. What do you think?

Terrence J


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Terrence is adorable. Plus, he looks great in a suit and tie!

Laz Alonso

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Do we really need to explain?


Maxwell WENN pf

Photo: WENN

We’re not sure who Maxwell is dating this week (flips pages) but we’d be honored to party it up high school style with this soul singer any day.

Bradley Cooper

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

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Bradley lives with his mom but not because he can’t afford rent. It’s because he comes from a close knit family and after his father passed away, he thought it’d be best for them to be closer. We totally respect that. Also, his eyes are a gorgeous minty matte pastel hue Essie couldn’t even bottle.

Idris Elba

bafta tea party 3 150112

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We’ll never forget the first time we found out he was British. What a day that was. Not sure why he’s still single but Idris, be ready by 8pm SHARP, hunty!

Jamie Foxx

The UK premiere of 'Django Unchained'

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Do you see this SUIT THOUGH? Jamie is multi-talented, sharp and HILARIOUS. And every time he sits down at a piano folks have to whip out their Kenya Moore fans. Woo!

Jay Ellis

"Movie 43" - Los Angeles Premiere

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Jay! Where have you been all our lives?! We don’t know much about this Model/Actor/Newbie on BET’s The Game but we’re interested in taking steps towards forging a life long friendship. Yes, life long.

Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Concert

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Kendrick watches Martin reruns. He’s 5’6″ so we’ll have to wear flats or risk towering over him like a giraffe with rhinestones on but that’s fine because he well versed in all things ’90s sitcom’ so we’d have tons to talk about. Plus, everyone would be jealous because everyone loves Kendrick.

Luke James

soul train awards 2 091112

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Luke James‘ voice is like velvet wrapped in shrimp covered in honey so its not difficult to understand why he and his ringless left hand made our list.

Terrence Howard

Virgin America Launch 050412

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The good news? Terrence Howard would marry you. The bad news? It would only be a year or so before you’re packing your things in an attempt to close that green eyed chapter of your life. This is just one of the reasons why he’d make a great prom date. He can’t live in holy matrimony for very long. :/

Guillermo Diaz

ABC TCA Winter 2013 Party

Photo: WENN

Guillermo is nothing like Huck, the character he plays on ABC’s Scandal. In fact, we have a feeling that he probably loves gummy bears, rainbow sprinkles and acoustic versions of songs. We’d give up a good shade of Revlon Colorburst Lipstick to see what this insanely talented guy is all about.

StyleBlazers, who is your dream celebrity prom date?

-Simone C. Porter

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