Wal-Mart Revamps Its Beauty Department

Wal-Mart Revamps Its Beauty Department


The beauty games is well underway and Wal-Mart is the latest to make moves to secure its spot in the race.  According to WWD, “the retailer’s latest [beauty] prototype began rolling out to the chain’s 4,000-plus stores earlier this year.”  And with the help of Jody Pinson, who was appointed as the new head of beauty, everyone is expecting great things.  She was recently the vice president pet care, where she helped launched the department to “one of the best departments in the business,”said one cosmetic vendor to WWD, and she is hoping Pinson can accomplish the same thing for Wal-Mart’s beauty department.

There are several notable changes to the department, which aims to give the feel of a boutique.  The nail department, for instance, is front and center in the department, and features faux wood floors and angled gondola.  “The entire nail department is illuminated and there are multiple nail displays across the entire health and beauty care area.”  Fragrance is also given much attention as the new department will feature a large self-service fragrance area with prestige scents.

The availability of beauty brands will vary store-to-store but the company made sure not to “exit” any brands, but rather limit the quantities to reflect the purchasing habits of consumers in a given stores.

StyleBlazers, will you turn to Wal-Mart for your beauty purchases?