Celebrity Actors We Know Because Of Tyler Perry

Celebs Made Famous By Tyler Perry (Sofia Vergara of ‘Modern Family,’ Lance Gross of ‘Temptation,’ Keke Palmer of ‘True Jackson, VP’ And More!)

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Whether or not you love or hate Tyler Perry‘s work, he has definitely given up and coming actors a chance to shine. He’e even reignited the careers of Jurnee Smollet, Keshia Knight Pulliam and Allen Payne. Many viewers have come to love Lance Gross, Sofia Vergara, Tasha Smith and so many other actors because of Perry’s films. He has given actors more exposure, which has led them star in more projects on and off the big screen. There has been great talent that has come out of Tyler Perry Studios.

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Photo: Kristen Noseda/WENN

Many of us were introduced to Lance Gross as “Michael” in Meet the Browns back in 2008. Since then has gone on to star in several films to include Perry’s Temptation and television series House of Payne.

  • js

    I knew of Sophia Vergara way before she was seen in any Tyler Perry movie.

  • Jsj

    he didn’t bring keke palmer out, she was introduced in “Akeelah and The Bee” which was not a tyler perry movie

    • lilmissmatched

      I think it Barbershop 2 was earlier than that for her….

  • BrwnSuga

    I was bout to say same thig both Sophia and Keke were WELL known prior to Tyler Perry.

  • Lance Gross, Sofia Vergara and Keke Palmer certainly didn’t need Tyler’s help. Keshia Knight Pulliam has also been around in other movies as well, before TP.

  • j0j0

    Keke Palmer stands on her own with her gifted talent and gorgeous looks !
    Miss ya Keke!

  • Will Thompson

    Alan Payne always known for Jason’s Lyric? Are you crazy? He will always be know as G-Money from New Jack City! Nino Brown “dont anybody knows what happened, G-Money knows what happened, sit yo 5 Dollar self down before I make change!”

  • Sassy1955

    Jurnee Smollet has been acting for over 20 years and has been in movies and several tv shows. Two movies that I can recall are Eve’s Bayou and Roll Bounce (which I loved). Never seen her in a TP movie.