Kim Kardashian May Be Kanye West's Plus On To Met Gala

Kim Kardashian May Be Kanye West’s Plus One To Met Gala

kim kanye 191012Photo: Agostino Fabio/

Word on the curve is that Kim Kardashian may be attending the coveted Costume Institute’s Met Gala this year.

If you’re not familiar, Kim was allegedly banned from the event last year due to Anna Wintour’s disdain of her. Anna serves as the co-chair of the event. This year, Kanye West is said to be performing at the star-filled event so it’s VERY likely Kim will be his added guests.

In addition to her baby’s father performing, Kanye’s buddy Riccardo Tisci serving as chair. So she basically has a 90 percent chance of making the list.

We’ve got our fingers crossed for you, Kimmy!


-Danielle Kwateng

  • What happened? why doesn’t the lady like kim.?. What did kimmy do to her for her to be banned from the event.

    • tiredofittoo

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      • Mia

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  • Sommer