Beyoncé Performs “Grown Woman” In Kenzo (Watch Her Work It Tribal Style!)

  • 13itch_Please

    Why is this woman constantly wearing tights/pantyhose

    • Jackie

      Cause she can do that stop hating you wish you look as good as her

    • Lover2020

      She’s a GROWN woman!!! This song is for you!

  • lue blacknell

    I think not only is she a “grown woman”- but she was also pulling out that “tribal/African” part of her-she does have some in her! Come on now keyshia cole-show your “tribal side”-

  • Janay

    Get cho African life B yaas.

  • 4everstarz

    Brandy had that print frist! on wendy wwilliams

    • Unknown

      Actually a sister solange wore it first. For her concert in Paris, in january

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