Where Are They Now? 15 Child Stars Who Have Grown Up!

Where Are They Now? 15 Child Stars Who Have Grown Up!

Growing up is hard enough, but with extra press and media attention, it must be hard for celebrity kids! While some of them soar under the pressure others spiral down a path of drug abuse, court cases and more! Check out our list of 15 celebrity child stars who have either grown up to do big things or flopped under the pressure.

Lindsay LohanLOHAN WENN


When Lindsay Lohan isn’t showing up for a court date or checking out of rehab early, she is actually a stellar actress! She has grown up from that awkwardly cute redhead that many of us watched star in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap. From a slew of lawyers’ fees, jail time and owing thousands in back taxes, we hope Lindsay gets it together!

Macaulay CulkinCULKIN WENN


Macaulay Culkin was the young star you saw in Home Alone, sliding down chimneys and being a menace to those in charge of him! So what is the  young man doing today? Well, Culkin has transitioned into quite a dapper young man, although you may not be able to see him much these days! Culkin, who was once connected to Mila Kunis for 8 years, has been photographed every now and again, but likes to stay under the radar.

Amanda BynesBYNES WENN


Amanda Bynes is going through something in her life! Maybe it’s the numerous erratic tweets she sends out daily on Twitter, the huge crush she has on Drake that causes her to throw herself at him via various social media websites or the fact that she spends her money like water on thousand dollar shopping sprees! And as far as her acting career? Well, Amanda has openly admitted to no longer wanting to pursue an acting career anymore, while she focuses on, doing whatever it is she does.

Keisha Knight PulliamKEISHA WENN


Keisha Knight Pulliam is no longer little Rudy that has us all cooing while watching The Cosby Show. She has blossomed into a gorgeous woman! Keisha has struggled to maintain her acting career after transitioning from a child star and finding her big girl acting chops. Pulliam has landed a couple of notable mentions including her role as Miranda Lucas-Payne on the TBS comedy-drama Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

Kristen StewartSTEWART WENN


Bet you didn’t know Kristen Stewart acted before her best known role playing Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga, but she too was a childhood star that got her start on the Nickelodeon channel. She then did a few small roles until she landed the opportunity that would soon change her life. Stewart went on to play a tomboy in the film Panic Room, as the diabetic daughter of a divorced mother also known as Jodie Foster! So what is Kristen doing these days? Well when she isn’t running around cheating on her star boyfriend Robert Pattinson, she has a tendency to kill every movie she plays in! You go Kristen!

Dakota FanningFANNNG WENN


How can you not remember that darling face? Dakota Fanning has grown up and is beautiful! Fanning who is a now a 19-year-old New York University student, is enjoying being a regular teenager and has aspirations of hitting the big screen again sometime soon!

Mary Kate & Ashley OlsenOLSENS WENN


Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen have had their share of media attention, but have been staying relatively far away from the limelight. As far as their lives, the two have ditched their acting careers setting out to start a fashion line which seems to be doing quite well!



Gary Coleman was one of a kind! Coleman was best known for his childhood role as Arnold Jackson in the American sitcom Diff’rent Strokes and for never really growing out of his small stature as an adult. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2010 at age 42 from brain hemorrhage.

Stacey “Fergie” FergusonFERGIE WENN


Fergie was a child star? That’s right, and she has gone to do some amazing thing as well! Fergie got her start as a member of the children’s television series Kids Incorporated and later helped to form the girl group Wild Orchid. Since entering adulthood, Fergie has gone on to become a female vocalist for the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas, launched her solo career and has won eight Grammy awards!

Jaleel White WHITE WENN


Jaleel White isn’t that geeky boy you associate with his role of Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters, he’s a man now! White hasn’t gone on to do too many acting gigs, besides his acting roles in Dreamgirls, and guest stints on Boston LegalHouse and Psych. But at least he isn’t out there catching cases, so for that Jaleel, we are still proud!



 Raven doesn’t mind being in the public eye, but admits she has become quite the homebody since crossing over into adulthood. Quite the difference from the live, vivacious and active Olivia character she played in 1989 sitcom The Cosby Show. Symone went on to make a number of remarkable moves during her teenage years, including starring roles in her own Disney Channel series That’s So Raven. These days Raven is working on an album, while remaining out of the paparazzi’s eye.

Neil Patrick- Harris PATRICK HARRIS WENN


This guy has been acting forever! Don’t believe us? Neil was discovered by playwright Mark Medoff at a drama camp in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and the rest has been history! Do we really need to sum up his credentials? Seriously, he’s Neil Patrick Harris for crying out loud!



Miley Cyrus has been quite the controversial figure this year, and we are loving every bit of it! But before she was learning how to twerk and posting pictures smoking ganja all over the internet, Miley was that sweet girl associated with Hannah Montana! That’s right, Miley broke into the big leagues as a teen idol with the success of the Hannah Montana franchise, a former Disney Channel sitcom in which she portrayed the role of Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana! Since breaking from her role as Hannah, Miley has grown into one of Hollywood’s largest “It” girls!



Shia Lebeouf is looking quite nice these days, and who can blame him? Embrace all that natural charm and sex appeal, Shia! Since his kid star days playing Louis Stevens on the Disney Channel weekly program Even Stevens, Shia has gone on to star in a number of movies, including his famous role in the Transformers sequel.

Christina AguileraCHRISTINA WENN


Christina Aguilera is, well Christina Aguilera! This spicy blonde bombshell began her singing career as a child on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and later signed with RCA Records in 1998. Aguilera went on to become a prominent figure in mainstream music and pop culture. She has since gone on to headline several tours and release a slew of multi-platinum albums.

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