Naomi Campbell Goes Blonde For 'Vogue Brasil' Cover

Naomi Campbell Goes Blonde For ‘Vogue Brasil’ Cover


Is that you, Naomi Campbell? The notoriously dark haired beauty went bleach blonde for the cover of Vogue Brasil‘s May issue. Diva fan in tow, the supermodel gets fierce for photographer Tom Munro, in cut out swimsuits and fringe shorts. Our favorite look would have to be her leopard bodysuit and garter, channeling a fierce Wonder Woman! Her beach looks are anything but cookie cutter, edged out with strategically placed fur and thigh high boots on those legs for days!

Check out more photos from Naomi’s Vogue Brasil cover shoot below.






  • ugly woman.

  • SUN

    Naomi is in her 40’s I’m sure she went blonde before Bey was known and a few times in her long career.

  • JustSaying_IMFO

    We all know Naomi ain’t got no hair. She put on a wig.

  • onya

    She bad she in her 50s and still got a better body then most these 20 something chicks but the blonde wig must go back to Beyvus let her keep that radgy blonde look

    • SUN

      Lol shes 42 born in Streatham Sth London and I know her cousin Richard

  • I thought that was Ciara lol

    • onya

      RuPaul first glance for me. lml no but she is a beautiful black woman

  • angelica

    Naomi is not cute but her body is bomb

  • DaisyDooks

    A bald or shaven head would be a stunner on Naomi. She’s got the face for it and a nice physique. That yardie’s got it going on.

    • Trinigyul

      Yeeeessssss! Her cheekbones are everything and she could definitely pull off a baldy.

  • TbeeZ

    She a bad bish!

  • Laila

    Blonde is not for everyone. There are light and white people that don’t look good with blonde hair, it has to go with the undertones of the skin. I doubt Naomi kept that look after the photo shoot.

  • jandrea310


  • LadyLibra

    IMO, grown women with stick limbs are unattractive!! She could still rock it with 10-15 extra lbs.
    & @ CoolBreeze, YOU know what’s “ugly”…don’t even have to explain further! Good day!

  • Denise

    That body is perfection!!!

  • Jojo

    Um, Beyonce doesn’t own the patent on blonde. Naomi and Mary J. did it years ago.

  • La’Bad

    She has always looked good. Black just doesn’t crack if ya take care of yourself. Glad to see older Black models doing there thing. Its not easy in that industry. Go Naomi. I met her years ago when she was first starting I knew she had it then. She walked into the room and everyone watched her. wow