Nike's Discontinued Boston Massacre T-Shirt Is Worth 155K?

Nike’s Discontinued Boston Massacre T-Shirt Is Worth 155K?


The events that occurred, about a week ago, during the Boston marathon was horrific, to say the least.  And what’s more, that perhaps speaks volumes about the human condition, are the abhorrent characters that seek to make a profit from the tragic event.  According to Jezebel, there were several sellers on eBay selling Nike’s discontinued ‘Boston Massacre’ t-shirts at an astronomical price.  The t-shirt, originally created to plays off the rivalry between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, has the words ‘Boston Massacre’ across the chest with blood splattered lettering.  In the wake of the tragedy Nike discontinued the sale of the t-shirt, which sparked the memorabilia collecting crazies fanatics to rush to eBay in search of the discontinued item.  That in turn resulted in 132 bids on one of the t-shirts, placing the value of a cotton shirt at $155,655 dollars– there was no note of the proceeds being pledge to a charity. With a day still left on the clock to bid, eBay reportedly stepped in and put an end to the auction.


StyleBlazers, how do you feel about the seller putting the t-shirt up for sale?  Was eBay right to step in?