Pink Covers Glamour June 2013

Breaking Bad!: Pink Covers ‘Glamour’

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Photo: Ellen Von Unwerth/ Glamour

“I believe there’s 31 flavors to be tasted.… I’m just living my life. I don’t want to be your kind of good.” Add this quote to our unending list of reasons why we love Pink! Even when dressed in killer designer duds, she isn’t afraid to be exactly herself. And we totally love her for it. Pop’s coolest rock star covers Glamour‘s June issue. Pink showed off her toned figure (like Kelly Rowland, her bod’s the rest of her trainer, Jeanette Jenkins!) in a Donna Karan dress and briefs for her cover shot. But our fave look is her fab Marc Jacobs bra and leopard cardigan and Vivienne Westwood skirt. On top of that she shows everyone how to rock a pompadour RIGHT! Other pomp-loving musicians, take note.

In the interview, Pink talks about reconciling with her husband Carey Hart. She also shares the meaning behind her adorable two year old daughter’s name: “I love the idea that a willow tree cannot be snapped or broken. And we burn sage all the time. It clears bad energy.”

With a strong namesake like that, we’re sure Willow is going to be just as cool as her mother!

Peep the entire issue when it hits newsstands on May 7. For now, check out the rest of Pink’s interview at Glamour!

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StyleBlazers, are you feelin’ Pink’s Glamour shoot?

-Jada Gomez-Lacayo