They Left Hollywood... For A While: 15 Stars Who Went On Hiatus

Hollywood On Hiatus: 15 Stars Who Left Their Profession For A Stint (And Why)

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It seems like every week an actor or actress is announcing they will be “taking a break” or “retiring” from acting. Sometimes this is followed with the performer in question signing an eight picture deal at a mega-studio, but there are a few occasions where a hiatus has actually happened. Here are 15 talents who are about to or have already taken a break from their profession (and why).

Daniel Day Lewis

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After winning an Academy Award for Lincoln, Daniel Day Lewis has announced he is taking a hiatus from trade. The actor has expressed his belief that his work on Lincoln represents his peak and he’s subsequently going to “lie low for a couple of years.” This isn’t the first break from acting Lewis has taken—in 1997 he strayed from Hollywood to a sheep farm in Scotland to “do nothing” for five years. He returned to acting in 2002 with Gangs of New York.