Zoe Saldana Gets Pretty & Punchy For InStyle UK Cover

‘I Worship Men:’ Zoe Saldana Gets Pretty & Punchy For ‘InStyle UK’ Cover

zoe-saldana-by-damon-heath-for-instyle-uk-june-2013-1Photo: InStyle UK

Zoe Saldana graces the June cover of InStyle UK‘s “Summer Fashion” issue, looking absolutely flawless! This girl could look gorgeous rocking a paper bag, but let’s list down the high end designers, shall we? The Star Trek: Into Darkness star looks stunning in a roster of high end designers including Dior, Erdem, Givenchy, Christopher Kane, Rochas, Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu. Her off the shoulder Prada kimono was a total standout for her Damon Heath shoot. And to all those guys who adore her,  get this: she worships you, too! In the issue, Zoe confess that she loves her men:  “I worship men. Men are Adonises.” On her type, she says that she loves a tough guy with a sensitive side: “A bad –ss renegade! A pirate! A pirate who can cry. Oh, my God!”

And although she doesn’t look a day over flawless, she’s aware of Hollywood’s obsession with youth:

“I’ve been told by producer, ‘Well, you know we need to get on this because you’re not getting any younger.’ Women are reminded of their age all the time and it’s usually by a fricking fat, big-bellied old man with a comb-over and you look at him and you’re like, ‘Really? Give me a break. You just have more money and more power in this situation than I do, but not in my life.’ I’m tired of watching these 50-year-old actors with these 23-year-old actresses and they’re soul mates in the movie. What? [in real life] a 23-year-old would look at a 50-year-old and go, ‘Are you kidding me?!'”

Head over to InStyleUK for the full interview!

Check out Zoe’s InStyleUK cover shoot below.


Photo: InStyle UK

  • Jackie

    I think the editor of this piece left out the word white. 😉

    • slim filmore

      True true, lol

  • Lawrence Smith

    “I worship white men” — Zoe Saldana

  • elle

    it doesn’t matter, she can worship whatever type of men she wants, what’s the big deal?

  • Wentak

    I think the big deal is when you go around claiming that you don’t see color in people, yet you only date one color.

  • Kath

    Still trying to find you a white man eh Zoe?