Banned From TV: 15 Famous Shows That Had Episodes Banned

They Really Were Too Hot For TV: 15 Famous Shows That Had Episodes Banned

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The old cliche “too hot for TV” is rarely used in a literal sense, but there have been some exceptions. Thanks to lousy timing, bad taste, or insensitivity to a particular group, there have been a few occasions where episodes of a show have been pulled. From children’s programming to classic television, here are 15 shows that famously had their episodes pulled.


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NBC’s spin-off of Thomas Harris’ literary character Hannibal has been a success with Mads Mikkelsen in the title role. Though it has been well-received the show has experienced a few hiccups. A recent episode by the name of “Ceuf” was pulled from network airing by Hannibal showrunner Brian Fuller. The storyline, which centered on a woman brainwashing children into murdering people, was deemed too close to recent real-life school shootings and will instead air as webseries.

  • Indycine

    “MAY HAVE WENT” too far? Get an English book, and read it. May have gone.

  • Bruce Silver

    That episode was fantastic.

  • BlakeA5

    The name of the Hannibal episode is actually “Oeuf,” meaning “egg.”

  • English speaker

    Whoever wrote this drivel needs to be fired. They have an extremely limited command of the English language and constantly abuse and misuse it. “In lieu of” means “instead of” not “because of” as it is used here and numerous other idiotic mistakes that an average high school student wouldn’t make.

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    You forgot the other Married with Children episode entitled, “The Period Piece.” Way to go, Ike.

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    Does this website censor its own contributors? Even over the word racist? Or is the English as a Second Language person who wrote this article (all the comments below covered it already) self-censoring for no reason?

  • Antonio666

    What about the famous pulling of Pete Seeger’s song “Waste Deep in the Big Muddy” from the Smothers Brothers Show in the mid-1960s? That was serious and was strictly politically motivated.

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      And the Big Fool said to push on!

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    Too many ads on this site for me to get any further than the third slide.

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      My thoughts exactly.

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    “The episode featured the two towers prominently and also had a sequence where Bart accidentally blows up a tower (a fictitious Mad Magazine headquarters).”


    The Mad Magazine headquarters is blown up in a different episode, and it’s not done by Bart. It’s by the manager of his boy-band.

    Did the author of this article even watch these episodes?

    • Wikeni

      I was thinking the same thing.

    • jhawkgirl86

      “…the two towers”…doesn’t the author mean the twin towers? Or is he referring to the second of The Lord of the Rings trilogy?

  • demoncat_4

    surprised the south park episode trapped in the closet did not make the list given how tom cruise got the studio to pull it once for making fun of him. and part of south parks thing is daring to push the envelope and some time risking having the episode banned. and hard to believe a show like boy meets world had not one but three banned episodes.

  • Rick J Black, Sr.

    The “Censored Eleven” cartoons I have. I downloaded them before all the P2P networks wee sued from distributing free content. They were appropriate for the era they were made. But in today’s PC climate, they would not be. Shame some people try to rewrite the past and history based on their own personal agenda’s.

  • Ian

    I have to question the accuracy of some of these entries. I have a vivid recollection that Fox DID air the “Home” episode of the X-Files. It was the first episode with a parental guidance warning plate before it.

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    I don’t remember a 0 appearing in the word pornography

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    Styleblazer – do you really have no response to the piss-poor way this article was written? You’re not even going to go back and correct the mistakes??

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    Wasn’t there a few All in the Family episodes that were banned?