Hollywood's Fountain of Youth: 15 Ageless Celebs

Hollywood’s Fountain of Youth: 15 Ageless Celebs



 When it comes to Hollywood’s leading ladies it seems as though some have discovered the fountain of youth. We’re not sure if its good genes, tremendous upkeep or just all-around great skin but these 15 celebs over 40 don’t look a day over 30.

"Stacey Dash pf"

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Stacey Dash looks like she hasn’t aged a day since playing Dion in Clueless nearly 20 years ago!

Glowing By JLo Launch Event

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“Jenny From The Block” must be doing something right because she looks better than ever!

'Free Angela and All Political Prisoners' premiere

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The original Mrs. Smith looks stunning. You would never believe for a second that she’s in her 40’s.

edit sofia vergara wenn pf

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Stunner Sofia Vergara has a 23 year old son!

Los Angeles Premiere of 'The Call'

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Halle Berry may be in her 40’s but she certainly doesn’t look it.

"Jennifer Aniston"

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Jennifer Aniston seems to get more radiant and youthful by the year.

good deeds 150212 wenn pf

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Gabrille Union not only dates half her age, she looks half her age too!

Gwen Stefani pf

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Gwen Stefani fans would never guess the songstress is 43!

'The Trip To Bountiful' After Party

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Vanessa Williams has managed to look continuously flawless through out the years.

The opening of the Tracy Anderson Flagship Studio


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Gwyneth Paltrow was recently named People‘s Most Beautiful Woman and we can see why.

skyfall premiere 13 231012

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Naomi Campbell is just as much a supermodel today as she was in the early 90’s.


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Though Demi Moore has daughters in their 20’s, she looks about the same age.


Mariah Carey looks the same today as she did when she released her first song in 1991.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

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Catherine Zeta-Jones is seemingly ageless. At 43, she looks like she’s in her 30’s.

gambit arrivals 2 081112

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Cameron Diaz is a stunner. With an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle, she has managed to fight the signs of aging with ease.



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