What's Your Flavor: Match Your Mike's Frozen Drink With Your Bikini Style

What’s Your Flavor: Match Your Mike’s Frozen Drink With Your Bikini Style

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We’re not sure about you, but we’ve slaved through months of gross, cold winter weather to live it up this summer. And the culminating moment will be when we’re finally sitting on a beach sippin’ on something sweet. Insert, mike’s Hard Lemonade. The famous American brand has created three new innovative drinks that still have the tradition refreshing taste their known for.

Mike’s new products include mike’s authentic shandy, Smashed Apple Cider, and our personal favorite, mike’s hard lemonade FROZEN. These frozen non-stick pouch wonders come in four flavors– strawberry lemonade, classic margarita, black cherry lemonade and lemonade– and have a sorbet like texture.

Essentially we’re in love. We’re soo in love that we’ve paired up each flavor with a stylish bikini for that aforementioned beach experience. Daydream with us… and make sure to pick up any of these flavors in the at your local grocery store.

Black Cherry Lemonade Bikini
Black Cherry Lemonade & We Are Handsome ‘Imperial’ String Bikini
Lemonade Bikini
Lemonade & Dolce & Gabbana Multi-colored Bikini
Margarita bikini
Classic Margarita & Ralph Lauren Blue Logo Bikini
Strawberry Lemonade Bikini
Strawberry Lemonade & Missoni Bandeau Bikini