15 Annoying Hollywood Trends

Not This Again! 15 Hollywood Trends We’re Ready To Do Away With

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This summer is shaping up to a benchmark season for movies. From superhero films to sci-fi fare to rom-coms and beyond, Hollywood has seemingly lined up something for everyone. While we’re all excited about this banner year for big budget movies, some of us are starting to take umbrage with the irritating tendencies pervading them. Here are 15 annoying trends currently dominating Hollywood and the reasons why they need to be done away with as soon as possible.

“Shaky Cam”

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If you’re running with the film school set, you’ll hear the phrase “cinema verite style.” This vague, fancy term most commonly describes shaky camera work. Though it’s usually intended to create a gritty documentary feel for a film, the unstable approach to shooting a scene often renders viewing incomprehensible. For action fans it’s especially grating as films like the Bourne series or Green Zone has helped popularize the technique among filmmakers old and new. We’re not saying Matt Damon’s to blame, but if the shoe fits…

  • Joe

    Don’t forget idiots who use a number as a letter in the title, a 7 isn’t a v. Also Carpenter’s Thing bombed too.