Cornrows Gone Wrong: Mia Moretti Goes There For Fashion Exhibit Opening

  • j a sassy

    i wish these white women would stop trying to wear cornrolls, french braids and all.. i do hair and that style is noy for them.. hair is too oily and wirey and stringy.. it has to lay down on the scalp to look good.. stop copying off black women.. everything is not for everybody!

  • Nunya

    Why must there be a need to bring race into this? Why must she be “copying” black women because she styled her hair in braids? We dont own the rights to this style just because we are the people that predominantly wear them ( and, yes, I know the history of african hairstyles, but still, we dont own the rights) . I dont know who she is but i think it looks ok. People should wear their hair anyway they please – there should be no rules regardless of face shape, race or ethnicity. This life is too short to worry (or care) about who should or could wear whatever hairstyle to suit their ethnicity…..please. This race baiting needs to stop. And, I am black if u couldn’t already guess by the wording of this post.

  • Nunya

    Excuse me…not “braids” but cornrows.

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