Do Urban Models Lack Recognition? 5 Models Who Could Change The Game

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    Yall like 7yrs Late with this discussion…. Maybe it starts from the Art form they are represented in and the light they are shown…. Face it the lyrics of some of the songs that some of the most beautiful women of color have graced the screen for are not flattering at all half the time they are not even respectful. Who will take you serious when the man in the video dont respect you and calling you out your name. Sometimes the songs that the women choose to be a part of takes away from their beauty and cheapens it , The artist cheapen the women….
    Face it African Americans have a problem with their own beauty and way to many ” worship” others to the point that their own standard of beauty has been compromised It is not even identifiable anymore…. It echoes loudly in the images with the women that are choose as trophies… It is a PR problem and unfortunately the women pictured are probably not going to be the 1s to solve it. They all go with the grain at least by the photos used. When you say Urban what does that mean… A lot of non black models went on to success catapulting themselves from the black male video bravado but the black female models are the ones that do not get recognition and get dragged through the mud… A lot of black males with a lil power give their women the paper bag test. Its not even acknowledged. Whats so different about the 5 women you pictured? Sorry what Game are they changing and how? Looks the same too me. If Amber was 4 shades darker would she get the same hype ? Can you honestly say yes? The few exotics chicks pictured exoticness is played down so whats the point. A biracial black women modeling and considered beautiful in America.. Groundbreaking!

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