Double Take: Celebrity Mother And Daughter Lookalikes!

  • Marier

    Yu guys left off Reese Witherspoon and her daughter. They are big and mini versions of each other. Or did I miss her?

  • siStar Sassy

    That is Jennifer Garner and Violet. Honor is the name of Jessica Alba’s daughter! Do better Style Blazer….

    • babyblue82

      I was just going to say the same! Good catch Sassy!

  • Azitokbl

    The Murphy ladies look NOTHING alike!!!! She looks just like Eddie Murphy just lighter

  • Courtney Kennedy

    you left of Nell Newman and her mum Joanne Woodward Chloe Lattanzzi & her mum Olivia Newton John Tessa Dahl & her mum Patricia Neal and I could go on. not that looks matter in the long run

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