Vogue Photoshops Kim Kardashian Out Of Met Gala Slideshow

Kimmy Gets Kropped! Vogue Photoshops Kim Kardashian Out Of ‘Met Gala’s Best Dressed’ Slideshow


Photo: Vogue.com

It’s safe to say Kim Kardashian isn’t have one of her best weeks. After Kimmy Kouchgate blitzed the Internet with a string of unflattering memes and Robin Williams jokes (he said he looked better in his Mrs. Doubtfire dress) Kim is taking another fail for her Met Gala floral Givenchy gown. And in the latest blip of bad press,Kim was photoshopped out of Vogue’s Special Edition Best Dressed slideshow. Kanye West is featured in his Givenchy ensemble gone right, clutching Kim’s gloved hand. Burn.

Now, it’s totally Vogue’s prerogative to include their picks from the night, but the cropped image in a slideshow that features couples seems to be a dig. Wonder if this was Anna Wintour-approved?

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West

 Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

StyleBlazers, do you think KimYe should have both made the cut?

  • Marier

    That dress was wrong on all levels. you cant blame a magazine for cropping her a$$ out of that pic.

    • TheStacyKeys

      See the tweet from Robin Williams saying he wore it better and did a side by side pic of Ms. Doubtfire and KK.

      I had to check the actual site to see the anna wintour snub pic for myself, but I am not surprised. She probably made sure Kim was nowhere near her at that event, she probably didn’t want to see that in her peripheral vision either

  • j a sassy

    She needs to go sit her big lying inflated booty injected spanx wearing while pregnant , photo-shopped self dwon and have several floppy seats with her prostectic belly!

    • Where is all of this hatred coming from? You seriously need to relax. That lady hasn’t done anything to you so chill

      • ninabenta

        Right these people on here I think they’re made because they broke

        • Like I said they should talk about people whose problems are relatable not someone that isn’t in their league. Going off on this woman because she makes bank and you don’t is stupid

          • THATGUY

            really. not u when u do this same bs to nicki minaj

          • whogoingcheckme

            I think that you have fat on your brain same as the rest of your lumpy body which explains the crap that is flowing out of your fat mouth. Fat people should never have an opinion about anyone or anything.

      • anonymous1@gmail.com

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so your judgement was totally uncalled for. You don’t know KK anymore than Sassy does, so why are you coming to her defense?? You need to chill and agree to disagree with her Sassy’s comments. This talentless “woman” has made millions doing absolutely nothing so I for one, do not support anything she does or says. I’m tired of these “celebs” being celebrated for displaying low morals day in and out. No one was coming to Kris’s defense when she duped him to get $10M.

        • 1st of all, whose fault is it, YOU didn’t make millions being talentless? …JUST STFU!!!
          You can do the same thing she did to become rich.. Are you the purveyor of morals now?
          Have you spent a day in her life to be judging this woman.. ARe you judge dredd?

      • THATGUY

        look who talkin

      • whogoingcheckme

        U overweight hippo stfu I have personally seen you throw out the same hate towards Rihanna. Hypocrite much?

  • MsLindsey


    • kierah

      Not just any shade – #ANNAWINTOURVOGUESHADE

      • Mimsy

        That’s the best kind of shade.!! LOL..

      • When Anna does not like you you know your style is really not relevant. She is lucky she even got in the door.

    • Dirty Dan AKA Pinhead Larry

      This is the worst shade I ever seen in my life lol

  • I just hate that print of the dress. I think if it was white or black with gold accents it would have been GORGEOUS but that floral print just makes her look so much older

  • I personally don’t see anything wrong with the dress…I thought she looked beautiful….and yes that’s an obvious snub! Ouch!

    • TheStacyKeys

      The theme was punk, and that dress is a polar opposite of the theme

      • AndWhat

        Besides that, the dress was HIDEOUS – one big floral blur. No bueno. Then she had the gall to add the same floral print gloves AND shoes. Come on. This had to be intentional. Nobody in their right mind could have thought this was a winning ensemble.

        • IT got you talking ALL about it, didn’t it?
          Bet you CANNOT tell me who was the best dressed?
          Stupid ppl, so damn stupid…

      • She still looked better than others I saw there…It wasn’t the worst dress there by far…

  • frisk

    Wow, Anna Wintour, this is major shade

  • Jess

    I actually like the dress…

  • They only let her come because Kanye West was performing and they knew if he didn’t let him bring her, he would not perform. They set her up in that hideous dress to make her a laughing stock of the Gala. The one of the best ways to get back at someone is to let them make a fool of themselves. I digress.

  • Mimsy

    Now everyone knows that Anna is gonna have the last laugh and make sure Kim knows her place. She probably won’t let her attend again..this was a one-time favor to Kanye because Kim was pregnant. Hell Anna probably talked her into that atrocity just to make sure she would ridiculed.. #OriginalMeanGirl! lol

  • britchick91

    the shade of it all

  • Laila

    That was a slap in the face and a sloppy photo shop job. You can see her hand and a sliver of her side.

  • she a coal burner. luvs dat blak thang.

  • The decision to crop, is solely Anna Wintour’s, or so I’ve read, not the paps. They didn’t crop Kim’s arm off at the hand, she did!