The Diamond Princess aka Trina, Shows Off Her Bikini Body in Vibe (Hot Pics Inside)

In the last installment of Vibe’s Summer of Celebs in Swimwear series, Trina strips down to show off her body. While rocking looks from Sauvage, R Collection and Rana Rojo, she proves one pieces can certainly be spicy. She tops off her swimwear with sheer coverups and strappy sandals and of course the Diamond Princess accessorizes with loads of bangles and layered necklaces. Click through to see Trina’s bangin’ bod. 


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  1. says:

    She really could use some shape and definition if she's gonna be modeling in swimsuits.

    • says:

      She is Extremely Funny Built. Her legs look distorted, she has no curves…. Why do this to yourself. her knees look like they have buckle before and might buckle again at any minute. GET IN SHAPE or get Photo ShoppedMan

  2. says:

    Need to slim down a bit

    • says:

      slim down? she look mad skinny in these pictures and photo shopped to death! where is her real body because that ain't it!

  3. says:

    What did she do to her face????????

  4. says:

    She is flabby

  5. says:

    she looks weird,,these pics dont look like her..oh well

  6. says:

    In the 3rd picture she reminds me of the lady that used to rap shawwna from dtp or whatever their name was ludicris' group.

  7. says:

    She looks OK. Not good enough to be called Bangin'.

  8. says:

    These are the worst photos I've ever seen of Trina. They photoshopped her legs and gave them no shape, and did some odd stuff to her face. Second pic is not so good. Maybe someone involved with the shoot or the magazine didn't like her. I'm not a fan and don't get her appeal, but I've seen simple snapshots of her where she looks better than this.

  9. says:

    She's always been beautiful. No matter what people say, u can't change that.

  10. says:

    Trina needs to run, walk or any thing aerobic… those legs are not as shapely as should (at her age) can be! She is still young.

  11. says:

    Agreed. Not being a hater, but the photoshopping makes her legs look … weird. The first pic is the only one that looks good.

  12. says:

    Most of these pictures look nothing like Trina at all. This is a mess.

  13. says:

    Her hair is a mess, sometimes less is more. The makeup looks old fashioned, somethinng my Grandmother
    would wear. I don't like the pics at all, none of them!!!

  14. says:

    She is fat. Who is she? What has she done?

  15. says:

    I don' t even know this "baddest chick" anymore….What happened to her hips???? I'd like to think that it was just a bad photoshop job…NO NO NO…She still looks pretty but i don't know about the body…

  16. says:

    where are her knees? LOL

  17. says:

    She still the baddddestt!!

  18. says:

    I think she looks good! Can't help it if she is not a stick figure. If you look back in the day the Burlesque form of a womne was tha most desireed? Just food for thought…………….

  19. says:

    That was silly of her to pose for those pictures.

  20. says:

    I still love Trina. SHe donates a big portion of her earnings to the church.

  21. says:

    WOW….they air brushed the living kneecaps and realness out of her. In some pics, it doesn't look like her, in others, her body looks contorted. Am not promoting violence or such but after looking at these pics, I think she needs to slap the stylist, punch the photographer and K.O the picture editor cuz they did it on her & NOT in a good way!!!

  22. says:

    Where's the bikini?

  23. says:

    WOW….and she's suppose to be the baddest chic???? REALLY???? No shape, looks like she's had some work done on her face too. Sooooo, sad.

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