Rachel Roy Launches FEED India Bags With Lauren Bush Lauren, Shares How Her Daughters Made Her A Better Woman

SB Exclusive: Rachel Roy Launches FEED India Bags, Shares How Daughters Made Her A Better Woman

Rachel Roy Debuts FEED India Collaboration With Lauren Bush Lauren

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Rachel Roy

Just $78. That’s all it takes to provide 100 school meals for young children in India. Last night, we had the pleasure of celebrating the launch of designer-philanthropists Rachel Roy and Lauren Bush Lauren‘s collaboration with heart, Feed India tote bags. Each hand crafted bag benefits a family in need in such a major way, from providing jobs and necessities we often take for granted. Rachel and Lauren toasted the initiative at Bloomingdale’s in NYC. In an extra dose of girl power, DJ Vida of Scratch DJ Academy kept the music going while shoppers had their bags embroidered!

We were honored to chat with both Rachel and Lauren. The ladies discussed the inspiration behind the project and the much-talked about 2013 Met Gala. Always one to empower all women, Rachel also shared the lessons her daughters have taught her about womanhood, and the keys to success through kindness and hard work.

Get the scoop on Rachel and Lauren’s bags made from love!

Rachel Roy Debuts FEED India Collaboration With Lauren Bush Lauren

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Rachel Roy


StyleBlazer: We’re so excited about FEED India. What inspired you to launch the collection?

Rachel Roy: “I have been following [Lauren Bush Lauren’s] career basically since I started my career. And I have so much respect for her, being an able to do a brand that’s so easy and seamless to work with. And what I mean by that is just clearly you know how many people you’re helping and how many kids your helping. And I had asked her less than a year ago if I could collaborate with her on a bag for India. I’m half Indian and so that part of the world is particularly important to me. And right away she said yes, and that’s normally how quickly people operate. Very confident, very generous people that I’ve met throughout my life are usually the most successful because they work so hard, and they welcome others in, and she’s a perfect example of that. She is actually a designer and I’ve bought some of her pieces before from Barney’s, dresses and things. And so working for her from a design level was really easy. But it’s also because we knew each other. And so with Lauren both of us love the aesthetic of natural product, and making it as easy to wear as possible. And so Lauren showed me tons of different prints that I could choose from. And I traveled to India a few months ago to meet the men and women who actually made the bag and to really see how it affects people. And then to find out that 200,000 people are benefited for something that is so easy and really really easy just lets me know, what if I tried a little bit harder? What if everyone did just a little something, in whatever it is they’re good at, whether it’s writing or for us, designing. Just fun and easy.”

Lauren Bush: “And really, Rachel’s being modest because every year she does a bag to give back. So I’ve always been such a fan of her career, and she’s so philanthropic. So when we finally came together and said let’s do this, again it made so much sense. And really Rachel did the design,and she went the extra step actually going to India and visiting them and working with them to get the tassles right and the print right. So I love how it came out, and it’s really a neat merging of both of our brands.”

RR: At the end of the day, people just want employment, right? A hand out lasts one time, but when you can actually help people find work, you know we kind of take it for granted living here. As long as you pursue what you love, you pretty much find out if there’s an internship available, that’s how I started. Very low paying jobs, but in third world countries that’s not even possible. So the more employment we can provide, which includes insurance, just things that sometimes I forget, the better. I think both of our goals is providing jobs.

SB: I love the inset, “Kindness is always fashionable.” I love that you included it in the bag!

RR: Yeah! That’s the collaboration and I mean I definitely wanted and needed the “FEED” symbol on the outside, and the inside. Also my thing with fashion is… fashion is for whoever wants it. It doesn’t exclude anyone, in my opinion. But I’m always doing stuff with the kids [laughs], rushing and so the little zipper was a very convenient place to put it. But yeah, I definitely think first and foremost, it’s your personality. No matter what you put on, or how much money you have. You could put on the most expensive designs, but if it’s not coming from here, I don’t think anyone can look beautiful. Honestly.”

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