Kelly Rowland Airs Her ‘Dirty Laundry’ In New Song (Best BFF Moments With Beyoncé & Michelle)

  • byoslf

    I think the song is beautiful. I’m sure it will help a lot of women in the same situation. But on a side note. Why did the internet have me believing that she bleached her skin. Shame on me. she still just as bright as she was back in the day. d*** black bloggers.

  • yuck

    Ewww beyonce makes me wanna throw up

  • Jennifer_Viola

    Stop taking pictures next to this chick kelly! it just makes you look like the subordinate smh..

    • W

      They’re basically family, that’s understood. Wtf do you mean “subordinate”? They have always treated one another with respect.

    • slay

      You look a mess wipe ya mouth


    Kell is one beautiful woman

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