Double Threat: 15 Celebrity Music And Movie Stars

15 Celebrities Who Are A Double Threat In Music & Movies

double threat celebrities

Actors and musicians have always admired the craft of the other, with many being cross trained in both arts for many years. Historically, one path was chosen over the other, but with a new breed of performer emerging it seems that many are opting to do both. These 15 musicians are double threats because they can also act. Or is it the other way around? Take a look at who made our list.

Tyrese Gibson



 Tyrese is clearly a mult-talented man. Actor, singer, author, amazing dresser. What more can a girl ask for?

 Jennifer Lopez

Met Gala


While acting wasn’t Jennifer Lopez’s first calling, she has a quite a few movies under her belt.

Tupac Shakur



Tupac may not have made many films during his career but when he did our eyes were on him and him alone.

Ice Cube



Ice Cube is an entertaining man whether you’d like to admit it or not. We actually prefer his movies to his music even though the acting came about as a secondary gig.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Hudson is simply a phenomenon. She’s an amazingly talented vocalist and actress with the accolades to prove it.

Jill Scott

2013 Delete Blood Cancer Gala


As an artist Jill Scott is multi-dimensional. With Grammys and countless TV and movie spots under her belt, there’s very little she’s not good at.

Will Smith

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences' Governors Awards - Arrivals


He may have began his career as the rapping Fresh Prince from Philly but today Will Smith is an A-list actor to be reckoned with.

Queen Latifah

Ballet Spring Gala


We love Queen Latifah on the screen. There’s always something so genuine and fresh about every one of her performances.




While Madonna is predominately a songtress she has dabbled in quite a few films, Evita being one of her most notable.


Prince PF WENN


Purple Rain anyone? You know you love watching Prince perform in any medium. Whether on the screen or the stage, he’s a hard man to miss.




While Ice-T may be known these days for his reality show, he first began his career rapping before later making his way on the screen.

Justin Timberlake



Justin Timberlake may not be the strongest actor but seriously, who doesn’t like watching JT on screen?

Mos Def



Mos Def is great both on screen and as a vocalist. With countless movies and stage appearances in the works, he’s one busy man.


Beyonce Knowles WENN pf


While Beyoncé is mostly known for her tremendous singing abilities, the songtress has also dabbled in acting, stating that she one day hopes to earn an Oscar.

Kid Cudi

GQ Men Of The Year Party - Red Carpet Kid Cudi Getty Images pf


Kid Cudi stole our hearts when he released the “Pursuit of Happiness” in 2010 and we loved him even more when he starred in HBO’s How To Make It In America.

Which celebrity double threat impresses you the most?

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