Retail Trend Alert: Urban Outfitters Plans To Open Another Hybrid Shop (It’s A Restaurant, A Bar, And A Store?)


There are certain things in fashion that should never go together, open toe shoes and stockings, swollen feet and beautiful shoes, and consuming alcoholic beverages while having access to your credit cards– bad for us, good for stores.  And it appears Urban Outfitters has figured that out and is on a mission to relax your judgement and wallets.  According to Grub Street, the retailer has plans to open a new location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn that will house a bar and a restaurant.  Although they have yet to file for a liquor license application with the SLA, they were spotted on the agenda of Monday night’s CB1 Brooklyn meeting, along with 50 bars and restaurants up for liquor licenses, which indicates intent.

There is no word yet as to the form the restaurant will take in the 10,000 space, reports the Daily Mail.  However, if the style of Urban Outfitters other restaurant/shop hybrids are any indication, it could take the form of an in-house cafeteria-style café, like the store in Philadelphia or go a more upscale route à la its Westport, Connecticut location and serve dishes like lamb merguez and striped sea bass.

Whichever route they decide to take, we can now ‘blame it on the alcohol’ for purchasing that overpriced ironic tee.

StyleBlazers, do you think this will be a trend?


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