‘Rich Soil’ Under Fire: Khloe Kardashian And Lamar Odom Face Potential Lawsuit By NY Governor

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    Cuomo knows that the Kardashians are selling a tee shirt printed with the statue of liberty, but does not know that Vito Lopez is groping females on his staff, or that Sheldon Silver is paying off the women with taxpayer money, or that Eric Schneiderman signed off on the legal documents buying their silence. But, print a tee shirt and he is on it like white on rice.

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    Andrew Cuomo does not own the logo, the taxpayers own the logo, the New Yorkers own the logo, and what is the big deal, that they made t-shirts with the logo and sell them? In NYC You have all these foreigners on every corner selling New York logo T-shirts, New Yorkers call them the T-shirt terorists, Cuomo should be more concerned about them. He should be more concerned with these casino’s robbing the taxpayers, fracking fire water, and his corrupt cabinet in Albany, New York. I think, Andrew Cuomo’s high pitched eyebrows should be the “NEW” logo for New York State.

    Barbara Ricci, Publisher of The Westchester News

  • Stay in School Kids

    This story was created to promote those tshirts. Kris Jenner isn’t slick….

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