Hollywood Slim Down: 15 Stars Who Lost Major Weight

  • randomtandem

    Raven Symone, Jordin Sparks and Jennifer hudson need to gain some of their weight back.

    • StringPhoenix

      Why? So they can be borderline diabetic and be at high risk for heart disease like their predisposed genetics and families? Come on now. It’s not like they’re starving themselves. They’re eating right and staying active. I had to do the same thing for my own benefit and have never felt better. More Americans should try it.

      • randomtandem

        I didnt say they need to be obese or fat! Lets not exaggerate! I said they need to gain SOME of their weight back because I feel they looked better with a little more meat on their bones.

        Jennifer Hudson looks a little bobble headish

        and Raven Symone looks older now that she has lost weight.

        having a few extra pounds does not give you diabetes or high risk for disease! you act like I said they need to gain 400 pounds smh

        • StringPhoenix

          Point taken :) but you know how they say, Dead is the new skinny. (JUST KIDDING!!!)

  • GaPeach81

    lol kinda looks like jonah hill split his pants

  • jeonymac

    Randy Jackson in Skinny jeans….Bahahahahaha

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